Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In my own words...

Tonight I announced that I will not seek re-election as Lucas County Commissioner.

My husband, Sam, and I made this decision in December. We worked with the party leadership here and in Columbus on how and when to make this announcement.

There are several personal reasons why we’ve made this decision.

Recently, my husband and I lost a very dear friend to brain cancer. This, along with some needs within our families, has caused us to reconsider several decisions we’ve made in the past as well as focus on what’s really important in our lives.

Sam and I have delayed many of our plans while I served in public office. We do not want to continue to put off those plans any longer.

I am proud of my accomplishments in office. As Clerk of Court, we brought the office into the 21st Century by instituting an integrated computerization program that is now a model across the country, and by modernizing the way the office operated. We removed the politics from the office to better meet the needs of the public.

In the last three years, I was proud to get our Workforce Investment Board up and running in the best possible manner to make sure our local workforce is ready to meet the needs of our employers. I am happy to say that today, it is a strong, independent organization driven by the needs of the business community, and it makes the local economy stronger.

I have worked for openness in the operation of county government, and have reached out to local elected officials around the county to make sure they were included.

In both positions I was elected by my professional peers to serve in leadership positions in statewide organizations. The fact that I have earned the respect of those who also do my jobs is an accomplishment I hold dear.

I am perhaps most proud that, in my service to Toledo and Lucas County, I have been a voice of reason and responsibility. I have not been afraid to speak my mind when I saw things that needed to be corrected, and I have not been afraid to pitch in and help fix them.

The years that I’ve spent as Clerk and as Commissioner would never be described as ‘easy.’ These positions have required more of me than any regular job and certainly more than most people actually realize. And while I have cherished being able to serve in these positions, I believe it’s time for someone with fresh energy to take up the fight of standing for conservative Republican principles.

I worked hard to be a good Clerk of Court and County Commissioner – making sure that I represent and serve ALL of Lucas County. I’m truly grateful for the friendships I’ve formed, for the terrific supporters that I have and for the privilege of serving in elective office. After I finish this term of office, I will begin looking for new opportunities, but whatever I decide to do, I am a richer person for having served in public office, and I will be forever grateful for the privilege.

Thank you.


Sherry said...

I really hate to see ya go Maggie. I love when you call them as you see them in front of God and everybody! I hope your replacement will be as outspoken as you are.

Good luck to ya.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Goodbye, Mrs. Thurber. As a volunteer for Self-Expression Teen Theater and 1 of many observers from a summer ago where you spoke to the SETT youth, commended them on the great works they were and continue doing in Lucas County to combat violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, then LIED straight to their faces about County funding, I am quite glad to see you go. I doubt that you were supportive last year of SETT as a recipient of County funding, as I doubt you will be this year. The youth and families of this financially (i.e. clean audits) and programmatically strong organization DO NOT need you.

Maggie Thurber said...

Mrs.Phoenix - I supported the SETT group with my own money. They are doing a great job! But you and everyone else needs to know that the community funding money was spent by two commissioners picking and choosing the groups they wanted and then giving them the money.

Community Funding is Lucas County's version of "pork."

I knew I would never be successful at not spending YOUR money making charitable donations, so I pushed for an open process - meaning that we advertised that such money was available - setting priorities for how the money was to be spent and then doing an evaluation of each agency requesting money in order to determine who would receiving funding and how much.

Unfortunately, I was told that an open process with a fair evaluation of the programs would never fly in Lucas County - because, "don't you know that this is the way to buy votes?"

I voted against all community funding last year because of how the money was allocated - not because I don't support the groups that asked for your tax money. I was also accused, during that vote, of being against social programs. My response, which is true today, is that I'm not against social programs, I'm just opposed to taking your tax dollars to make charitable donations - I think we, as a society, are better off keeping those tax dollars and making such donations ourselves.

Please wait, next time, until you have all the facts and not just the spin. Or better yet, pick up the phone and call me to ask me why I vote a particular way.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

If you supported the SETT group with your "own" money, how much did you donate?

Lisa Renee said...


Thank you for trying to keep a balance of power in Lucas County. While we can agree or disagree on certain topics, you have my respect.

BrianInVero said...

Thank you Maggie for your contribution of levity and logical common sense.

You will be sincerely missed.

Be well and good luck.

BrianInVero said...

One can not be all things to everyone.

Does anyone see the havoc that's about to be released into Lucas County?

Maggie, I understand the concept of looking at the whole picture instead of a paragraph. But why now? You could have been re-elected and staved off the unholy "end of days" of Lucas County, allowed the democrats to be cycled out and THEN you could have your freedom.

Why now? I ask this hoping for something more than the sense of abandonment I feel since your announcement. I hate to sound so selfish, but it seems I am the only one seeing "it" comming.

It's only two more years. I beg you to reconsider.

There is no stronger option other than you....

Aaron said...

Situations like this (Mrs Phoenix's assertion) are why it is hard to find good rational people to stick their neck out into the realm of public leadership. From observation I can see it is normally a thankless job with insufficient financial compensation.

Thank you for your contributions Maggie, and best wishes for your future endeavors. You and Rob L are glimmers of hope in this region.

historymike said...

Even though we may disagree on some political issues (historymike is an avowed independent who sometimes veers into traditionally "left" positions) I think you have always had the voters of the county top of mind, Maggie.

I hope that whoever wins your seat in November is equal to the task.

Maggie Thurber said...

BrianinVero - it's actually 4 more years for a new term.

One of the things that I knew would be so hard is the disappointment that many who support me are feeling. I've already been told my numerous people the same sentiments you expressed.

All I can say is that I'm honored by your faith in my abilities and in my past performance, but sometimes you just have to know when to say "no" when people ask you to give of yourself. And that's the hardest thing of all to do, especially when you understand their need.

I think the way I'm feeling was best expressed by a friend whose opinion I value highly. He said, "I'm not done being a soldier, but I'm a wounded soldier who needs time to heal before I go back out into the battle again."

While I do not have any expectations for what January 2007 will bring me, I hope I'm smart enough to realize that I will not be at my best if I were to serve another term. And the voters deserve the best in this office.

I hope this helps you understand a bit better.

BrianInVero said...

My apologies, I was under the impression that the "other two" would be up in the "offset" year, or two years from now.

And yes, I understand the "wounded soldier" mentality. It's just a damn shame that it's all going to fall apart, unless someone with couth, logic and strength fills the void you left.

Altho I'm not into partisan politics, I feel the deserving should be elected, and you, Maggie, are one of them.

Thank you for your service and I extend my Best Regards.

Hooda Thunkit said...

So, Maggie, You're still going to blog, aren't you???

Your observations and opinions are still of value, to some of us ;-)

The party hacks in the audience (either side/team) need NOT respond to this.

Denny said...

Thanks for your service to the city, county, the people and to LCRP. For many years you have been a bright flame in the political darkness that engulfs our environs.

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