Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Links Added

As you can see, I've added some links to my site - finally. They're in alphabetical order at this time, but I may, in the future, begin to group them by category.

When I first started blogging, I received some good advice from History Mike, whom I "met" through Toledo Talk. ( He encouraged me to do a blog, but also cautioned me about links, saying that links were great ways to generate traffic, but you need to be careful about where you link to. Some bloggers, he warned, were not as careful (in terms of language, facts vs. opinions, etc...) about their posts as others.

So, for the last several months, I've been visiting many sites and looking for the ones I like AND the ones I think those of you who read my site will find interesting.

Obviously, History Mike's Musings is one of them. His approach to his blog is thoughtful, he's a very good writer and he covers a variety of topics. He's also got several other sites that represent his interests in history and journalism.

The next site is Glass City Jungle ( Lisa Renee, who publishes this look at the 'jungle' of Toledo and Lucas County politics, was also the blogger selected to do the live blogging during the 5-way county commissioner debate. Lisa has stated her liberal perspective, but does an excellent job of trying to present both sides of an issue. Her writing is clear, concise, reflective and I enjoy reading her posts, even when I may disagree with her opinion.

I've not met Mike nor Lisa in person, but I can't help but think this would be a better place if there were more people like them here.

I've also included a link to Hooda_Thunkit's site (, primarily because I love the name. Actually, Hooda posts to numerous blogs and always has a perspective I appreciate. His blog is more of a reflection on every-day issues and annoyances. As his intro says, "I can ask rhetorical questions, rant, vent, and ask and answer my own questions. The best part is that my family no longer asks me who I am talking to..." I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

There are some traditional links found on most Toledo area blogs: Toledo Bloggers (a listing of blog sites), Toledo Talk, Toledo Free Press, and (which I read for access to some of my favorite columnists). I've also included a link to the new Fallen Timbers Republican Club message board. I believe this is the first Republican Club that's put out such a message board - and this one includes polls (so if you have an opinion on the new license plate fee increase, go vote).

If you've not seen, you should. This is a fun site that researches urban legends and reports the facts. Our most recent use of this was to debunk the myth of a penny dissolving in a glass of Coke in 24 hours (not true).

So those are my links. I must be honest and say that I read other blogs on a regular basis, but haven't yet decided whether or not to provide a link.

The "newest" one I'm familiar with is Progressive Toledo. It's primarily a liberal perspective and is currently more of an "I love Ben Konop" site than anything else. I don't know what it will evolve into, but since they've publicly stated that conservative opinions are not wanted, I probably will not link to them. Two others I read are Toledo Speaks Out and Politics in Mudville, so if you're interested, you can check them out, too.

So those are the links - for now. Thanks, again, History Mike for the good advice!


Toledo++ said...

To your section regarding Progressive Toledo, I'm interested in seeing who stated and when it was stated that conservative opinions are not wanted at that site. I'm a contributor at that site and I post under Toledo++. There is no doubt an abundance of liberal perspective is at that website, but I would love to see more conservative perspectives. I'm under the assumption that the website is to have different peoples with varying views and opinions coming together and finding commonalities to reach a common goal, that being the advancement of Toledo. Is that even possible or are there too many people in this region that are party-dependent and would rather get mixed in with drama than anything else? The website is new and as it grows they've been trying to tweak the rules because the point is to not have a free for all brawl like Toledo Talk but rather an outlet to respectfully express ideas to move Toledo forward. Forget party-politics and ridiculous labels, I'm under the impression that this is meant to be a sincere attempt to express ideas to move Toledo forward using facts and sound logic. Not only are conservative views welcome, they are encouraged. If I was misguided, I'll be the first to find another outlet.

I've always been interested in politics, but I've really just begun to get involved. I'm 21 years old and an information systems student at Owens Community College. If Progressive Toledo really is too liberalistic and one-sided, where else is there to go to respectfully exchange views and opinions without just being called a moron? Where does someone go to get more involved than just blogging? If I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, where do I go? Since you're a former office holder, I'd be interested in hearing from you as to how to do the above and be more involved.

Maggie said...


The comment I referred to was the first post on the website. I've checked the archives as a result of your question, and found that the original post has been changed. It now says, "Here in Toledo, conservative bloggers have taken complete control. It's time that the progressives get out there, unify, and start promoting our own ideas.

The original introductory post mentioned that other blogs were primarily conservative, hence the desire to start a "progressive" blog. It referred conservative posters to the other blogs and did made it very clear that conservatives were not wanted. Even with the change in wording, as a person who considers herself conservative, I still get the impression that my comments are not what the site is looking for.

That's why I made the comment - AND, stated that I do not know what it will evolve into. And it's okay with me if that's what Kurt wants - it's his site. So I mention the site as one that I read on a regular basis, but have decided not to link to at this time.

As for your other questions, I think you're doing the right thing in reading and posting to various sites - not just one. As a current office holder (I won't be a former one until the end of the year), I read multiple sites which have various perspectives. I try to learn from all of them, even when I disagree with the opinion that's being stated or find that the "facts" are not presented accurately. And these two things occur in both liberal/Democrat AND conservative/Republican sites.

Currently, more people are starting to chose NO party affiliation, so you're not alone in being an independent voter.

As you get more involved in politics, I will share advice that my parents gave me. Choose the CANDIDATE you want to support. The party affiliation is usually an indication of core philosophy, but every person is different and it's important to find the INDIVIDUAL that shares your perspective and is deserving of your support. Obviously, you won't agree with everything - so figure out what are the most important issues to YOU and then support (work for, donate to, campaign for, promote) those individuals who share those core values. You may find that they're a Republican or a Democrat or some other party.

Also, as you change and your life becomes different, you may find that your top priorities change as well. As a 21-year-old student, your priorities are quite likely to be very different from your priorities when you become a business owner, for instance. Additionally, individuals you've decided to support also change and may no longer share your priorities, either. Don't be afraid of that - it's okay to change your mind.

Thanks for such a thoughtful question!

Toledo++ said...

Mrs. Thurber,

I appreciate the thoughtful response and I guess I did jump the gun there (current office holder) :). As I read through some of those posts and comments on Progressive Toledo I can see where you, as a conservative, would feel as if you weren't welcome. However, I think the objective of the website is an admirable attempt to bring together different perspectives and perhaps find the commonalities between the two. I, personally, would encourage you to offer your opinions and perspective as I think you have a lot to offer. I don't have an extensive knowledge of your voting record or know you personally, but from reading through your blog and your campaign website I can tell that you hold a lot of the qualities that I look for in a representative and I'm disappointed to see you leave office. Sorry if I came off as rude with my first post :), it wasn't intentional. I know I may sound overly optimistic regarding the goals of Progressive Toledo (varying views coming together to reach a common goal, who would of thought?? :)), but I'm getting fed up with the number of people who trash and tear down the region, specifically Toledo, that they call home. So to counter that, Progressive Toledo is meant to be a place to offer possible solutions. It's a place to offer a bit of optimism among all the pessimism displayed around the area. When I drive around downtown, among the many empty and degraded buildings, I see unused potential rather than dirty trash, as I've heard some refer to it as. I'm not intentionally suggesting that there is an easy fix and then bamo, instant results. But I like to hear ideas to improve rather than reasons to tear down. First and foremost though, I think it promotes community involvement. A mayor and twelve city councilmen aren't going to revive this city, it takes an entire community to participate. Thats what I hope Progressive Toledo will evolve into and will try to achieve.

Sorry for another long post :), I hope to maybe see you peak in sometime over at Progressive Toledo and maybe offer your perspective as to how to advance the region. Lower taxes, streamlined operations, conservative spending, Costco & Westgate, renovations (like Franklin Park Mall), new sports arena, entertainment district, whatever. Some ideas may be viable and others not, but ideas are at the core of advancement. I think myself, and everyone else, can learn a lot from hearing your views and input. We may disagree on how to advance, but we share the common goal that the area needs to advance.

P.S: Like I said, the site still has its quirks and may have an improved system implemented, but I think we'd be losing out if we didn't have other views to take something away from.


Maggie said...

Steve - I have taken your good advice and decided to start posting on Progressive Toledo.

I appreciate the goals of the site and also the clarification of the rules (recent post by Kurt). As you say - people trying to come together to advance the region? what a concept!

And while I'm optimistic like you, I don't know what the site will evolve into - so I may still wait a bit longer to provide it as a link on my website.

And I did not in any way think that you were being rude - rather, you posed very thoughtful, well-worded questions and gave me something to think about, as well.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of any "movement" is to agree on the goal - in this case, moving Toledo forward. There will be many different ways to do that - and many disagreements on the BEST way, but having the conversation is the first step.

Thanks, Steve!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind words Maggie, hopefully someday we will meet in person. I'm optimistic Progressive Toledo will be a good place for discussion. There is bound to be some "growing pains" because team blogs are a bit more difficult especially initially but I think it will end up being a good place for discussion. I share some of Steve's hopes in that regard.


Maggie said...

You're welcome, Lisa.

I believe you're very correct about the growing pains for progressivetoledo - that's a good way to describe what it's going though in its early days.

Like most of us who are new to this blogging thing, we learn as we go along.

historymike said...

Shucks, Maggie, I am honored by your kind words. I only hope that I always live up the way in which I have been described.

As far as the county commissioner's seat, my gut reaction is that I hope Sarantou wins; while my personal politics are sometimes at odds with the GOP, I am more apprehensive of one-party rule.

While Maggie should be proud of the policy initiatives she brought forth, perhaps her most important role was as a check against unbridled power by one faction.

Ben Konop is intriguing for his energy and enthusiasm, but he is untested. Phil Copeland is just trying to be a Bill Copeland clone, and Tim Wagener just doesn't get me fired up.

Pam Haynam has yet to make much of a dent in the awareness department, although with Doug Haynam advising her she might pull off an upset.

I, too, think Progressive Toledo has great potential. That being said, I have to get busy and start composing some essays for the site.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Hi Maggie!

I too was shocked and quite humbled by your choosing to list my lil 'ole blog with that of Mike & Lisa, both of whom I hold in very high esteem.

Your flattery, by doing so, has my head inflating like a cheap balloon :-)

Now I have even more reason to get out of this contemplative mood (funk) and get back to therapy!

BTW, we've met, but that was before I became Hooda and took my phobias, quirks and peccadilloes public on my blog.

Thanks again, I am truly humbled.

(Imagine, right up there with my mentors..., COOL!)

And, Welcome to Progressive Toledo, I was feeling kinda lonely over there :-)

Maggie said...

Mike and Hooda - you're welcome...but remember that you've earned the link because of the way you blog - either informative (mike) or entertaining (hooda).

I hope that "progressive toledo" will continue to grow into a truly inspiring sight and with both of you (along with Lisa Renee) posting there, I have high hopes.

Kurt Burglar said...

It's a baby, it'll get there. As to your comment about it being a Ben Konop love fest, fair enough, but part of what I want to do over there is promote candidates who most want to move Toledo forward by throwing ideas out there. That's why I like Ben so much. You'll find, Maggie, that even I will endorse republican candidates for the general election.

Maggie said...

Kurt - I did notice your support for certain Republicans even in the primary. And I know that you're sincere in your positions.

And I, along with others, want you to be successful in your goals for ProgressiveToledo. I think that will help benefit Lucas County and the surrounding area.

Are you, by way of this post, asking me to link to your site?

Kurt Burglar said...

No, that's up to you (couldn't hurt our traffic though). But I am linking your site on mine.

Lloyd said...


I'll put a link to your blog on my blog too. It is really a work in progress, isn't it? I find myself getting in fits where I get obsessed and spend hours perfecting my sites, and then other times I don't feel like messing around with them at all.

I emailed you at to be a contributor to moderatetoledo. Let me know if you don't get the email.

It seems like you agreed with me about Ben lovers on progressivetoledo. That is why I was hesitant to join.

Keith Earley said...

I am afraid that I bored everyone to death with all the details of what we do, why we do it, why it is important, and why it will cost more later. The major point is: HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION COSTS HAVE INCREASED 25% SINCE 2003 AND EXPERTS EXPECT 30% MORE. Our revenue has not kept pace with inflation, but we have coped with a 2.5% annual inflation rate, knowing some adjustments for inflation will need to be made. The $5 permissive would provide a 2.5% increase. With registations declining in Lucas County we expect our future revenue to decline. We have put an emphasis on maintenance & reduced our workforce 20%. A one time 2.5% increase is a very small first step. We need all revenue tied to the average of the highway constion cost index & the CPI. CCAO lists one of the reasons to oppose the TEL amendment is because costs such as highway construction costs have increased much more than the 3.5% allowable. The public is not aware of the situation and I am nnot surprised that they would oppose any increase. The longer we wait to make annual adjustments for inflation, the further our ability to let construction contracts will be diminished. A cap on the annual increase to 3.5 % would be a huge improvement to 0%.

Publius said...

One day I hope to be counted worthy of an officially sanctioned link to my blog Smoke If You Got 'Em. But until then, I will have to shamelessly plug myself wherever I get the chance.


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