Monday, March 05, 2007

New Link - Eye on the Statehouse

The Buckeye Institute has started a new blog, Eye on the Statehouse, which will keep an eye on state spending.

Interestingly, each week they'll identify a 'porker of the week' to call attention to a particularly big spender. But they balance that with a 'pistol of the week' who demonstrated prudence in spending the public's money.

Of the new posts, I found the one on seat belts most interesting. In "Buckle up - it pays," they note that the transportation bill contains $770,000 for programs to tell Ohioans to buckle up. They ask, "With seat belt laws on the books for years and a highway system dominated by “Click It or Ticket” signs, does the state really need to spend $770,700 to tell people to wear their seat belts?"

I hope you'll add this site to your regular stops around the blogosphere...better yet - I hope you'll call your legislators when you read something here - whether it's to praise them for wise spending or to tell them NOT to spend your monies on unnecessary programs.


-Sepp said...

I wonder if they'll add the cost of checking behind the spenders as a part of whats being spent?

Kate said...

sepp - I clicked on the 'about' page at the website "Eye on the Statehouse".

I found this, "The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions neither seeks nor accepts government funding. It enjoys the support of foundations, individuals and businesses sharing a concern for Ohio’s future."

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