Monday, April 02, 2007

Mobile Meals Chili Cookoff


Saturday was the annual Mobile Meals Chili Cookoff and my niece, Ashley, and I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful variety of tastes present at this event.

We methodically moved up and down the various aisles obtaining the small containers of chili and noting any uniqueness in presentation or special items. Many had cheese, sour cream and onions. A couple included small cornbread muffins...Nick & Jimmy's had bread with Texas butter.

We were impressed by Penta Vocational Schools' offerings...The seniors (pictured) did an Oriental Spicy Chili and the juniors called theirs "Ugly Duckling Chili." Even though they didn't end up as one of our favorites, they were very tasty and very unique.

Of our top three picks, we agreed on two. My niece loves the very spicy, but I don't, which is why WXKR 94.5's "Highway to Hell" chili ended up as her #2 choice. Our #3 choice was Mature Living Magazine, which we felt had an excellent consistency and a taste that everyone could enjoy. Ashley's #1 was my #3...The Toledo Zoo Catering's offering which was very different from all the others, we think because the chili was topped with sour cream and cilantro. The cilantro really added a uniqueness to the flavors and we both decided that the next time I make chili, we'll try that as a topping.

My #1 choice was Level 3 chili from the Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch. Their recipe was very traditional, not too spicy, and a bit thinner than some of the others, which made it perfect for adding sour cream, cheese and crackers. Additionally, they made Apple Crisp to help 'cleanse the pallet' and topped it with whipped cream. The Apple Crisp was loaded with pecans and was the perfect end to a long selection of chilis. Aside from their great chili, these Block Watch members were having a terrific time, and you couldn't help but smile and laugh as they plied their offerings...

Mobile Meals is a terrific organization that my husband and I have supported for a number of years. If you'd like more information about Mobile Meals, would like to volunteer to help or participate in this event or their Wine Gala (which will celebrate its 20th year this November), or would be willing to help individuals within our community maintain their independence by delivering meals, click here.


Unknown said...

Mobile Meals is a fantastic organization. It sounds like it was a great event.

Sherry said...

I have been delivering Mobile Meals at least 10 years now maybe more, I'm not sure time flys when your having fun.

People often ask me if I'm reimbursed for gas and my answer to them is no... that's why I'm called a volunteer. To me this is what makes a charity worth supporting.

Maggie said...

Sherry - my schedule was never such that I could take a route...though I've done one several times.

We've got an interest in wine so we've volunteered on the Wine Gala, chairing it twice and still serving as committee chair for the live auction.

And yes, I agree with's seeing our time and wine donations turned into dollars to support the mission that is so rewarding.

-Sepp said...

Maybe I'll give their contest a bash next year...providing I can keep my mother out of it, I should do well.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

I wasn't aware of the chili cookoff until this last week.

Mrs. "T" and won't miss it next time ;-)

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