Friday, May 18, 2007

Just a Thought or Two...

I can't help but wonder if any of our representatives in Congress bothered to think past the next election cycle when it comes to the fiscal impact of adding 12 million people to our social security/medicare system? (re: proposed agreement on illegal immigration)

Nope - probably not, as that would require logic, reason and common sense - all of which seem to be severely lacking in the realm of politics.


And what was Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis thinking when he said he will circulate a petition among Republican National Committee members to ban Cong. Ron Paul from more debates? Since when did the Republican Party become the party of censorship? Perhaps this is just another demonstration of how far party leaders have come from the core principles of our party.

If you don't like his positions, don't vote for him. But we defend a person's right to speak - especially when we disagree with them. Shame on you, Mr. Anuzis.


historymike said...

The real sad part of this is that Paul's comments about American interventionism were dead on, but Giuliani et al piled on with the chest-thumping patriotism and drowned out what could have been a serious discussion about just what the hell we are doing in the Middle East.

But, to be fair, both parties actively gag and attack members who stray too far from the official line. We can't piss off those big money donors, can we?

Maggie Thurber said...

I just think that they all spend too much time in D.C. and not enough time listening to us 'common folk' and our opinions and concerns.

Paul, as a doctor, is used to looking at the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms. And much of his opposition to various actions is a result of his insistence upon adherence to the Constitution. Whether you agree or disagree with his positions, you must appreciate his consistency in following the founders.

Barry Goldwater said he wouldn't first determine if something was needed before he first determined if it was Constitutional. In this respect, Ron Paul most closely represents the core of modern conservativism.

Hooda Thunkit said...

It's just another example of our alleged representatives losing touch with their constituents.

And then there is that special Washington cool-aid that they tend to sip regularly.

Also, this is why we should return to electing individuals for one or two terms, then returning them back to civilian life with our thanks and gratitude, instead of making a career of Washington life...

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