Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pres. Bush's statement on failed immigration bill

According to the AP, the President said the following:

"Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people, and Congress' failure to act on it is a disappointment," he said after an appearance in Newport, R.I. "A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn't find common ground. It didn't work."

Sadly, the President is wrong. It isn't "legal" immigration that is one of the top concerns of the American people - it's ILLEGAL immigration. And it's why so much of the nation was opposed to this flawed bill. Maybe now he'll 'get it.'


Luke said...

The Prez is really ticking me off in the last year or two and this kind of mindless and completely inaccurate rhetoric just pushes me even more.

I'm about ready for another election, but who would I vote for?

I say Thurber '08...or maybe a Thurber/Rowe ticket in a couple more elections ;)

Maggie Thurber said...

Luke - I almost deleted your comment when I came to the Thurber '08...never in a million years!

I don't like Lucas County/Toledo politics...imagine how much I'd hate politics in DC!

Rowe '08, on the other hand..LOL

Luke said...

Well, I'm only 27 right now. So I have to wait at least 8 more years.

Maggie Thurber said...

Plenty of time, Luke...but you'd better start

-Sepp said...

ILLEGAL being the key word there! Pandering is the only word that describes Bush's "immigration bill".

Hooda Thunkit said...

I just wish that President Bush would level with us instead of playing this elaborate game and calling it immigration reform when we all know that it's AMNESTY.

Hopefully we can put the fear of GOD and the voters into our dysfunctional government and keep them focused on three words, We the People, instead of their own sorry butts and the interests of "the party..."

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