Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Swartz withdraws from Congressional Race

Citing an unexpected family emergency, Libertarian Candidate Jeremy Swartz has withdrawn from the race for representative to Congress from Ohio District 9.

From his Press Release:

After careful consideration and deliberation, I met with my family and with deep regret have come to the decision to withdraw my candidacy as the Libertarian Nominee for the 9th District Congressional race effective immediately, due to a personal family emergency which recently arose and will require a substantial amount of my time.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Election Laws, the Libertarian Party of Ohio is legally allowed to name a successor to run in my place. If they (the Libertarian Party of Ohio) so choose, I recommend Joseph Jaffe (L) to run in my place for the 9th District Congressional seat. If a Libertarian successor should not be named, I will cast my vote to end tyranny in the United States by voting for Rich Iott (R) on November 2, 2010.

I wish him the best as he deals with his family emergency and will keep you posted as to any replacement named to fill the vacancy.

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