Friday, November 05, 2010

Alarms and a Quote of the Day

As you know, my posting has been very light with my work load leading up to the election. It will increase beginning next week, which is when I hope to have caught up with everything that didn't get done over the past couple of months - including sleep.

Last night, as I was finally having a good night's sleep and moving toward one of those 'catch-up goals,' I was brutally awakened by the sound of our house alarm going off. Once I realized it was actually my alarm, I got up and found the side door was locked, but ajar. Looking back on my decision to just turn off the alarm, I'm wondering if I did the right thing. Being half asleep, my first thought was that my niece must not have shut the door the entire way and the wind blew it open. It did not occur to me that anything nefarious was going on.

While that turned out to be the case, in hindsight, I'm grateful that I have the ability to own something with which to defend myself, should that be necessary...which leads me to the Quote of the Day:

"Pity the poor opponents of the right to keep and bear arms! They must distrust just everybody except criminals and except the tyrant to whom they concede the armed monopoly of their protection." ~ Pierre Lemieux

Have a great weekend!

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