Friday, February 18, 2011

Quote of the Day - Ohio's budget mess

From my friend, Scott Allegrini, who is also the leader of the local tea party group, the Children of Liberty:

"In Ohio spending in 2000 was 19.243 billion it increased to 26.783 billion in 2009 that is a 39.1% increase. Ok well that is a lot of money to spend, but if income kept up it would be no problem right.

Ohio income tax receipts in 2000 was 15.617 billion and it increased to 17.093 billion in 2009 a 9.4% increase. Ok so with a decrease in the tax rate Ohio Tax receipts increase by almost 10%.

So the state increased spending by 39% but income increased by only 9.4%, you don’t have to be a economist to see the problem here

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