Friday, April 01, 2011

Quotes of the Day - April Fool

Well, the quotes aren't about April Fools but being April 1st, I liked that as a title to this post.

I've been in a bit of a cynical mood lately, so these quotes, while pertinent and thought-provoking, should be taken with a grain a salt.

"Here in America, government began as a tool to assure freedom. It gradually turned into a hideously expensive political toy designed to redistribute your wealth and control most aspects of your business and private life." ~ Mark Skousen

"Unable to maintain their government-granted monopoly, the powerful railroad interests turned to government to do the regulating and price-fixing which they were unable to do themselves. In fact, the pressure that induced Congress to enact the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 did not come from reformers bemoaning abuses by the powerful railroad interests; it came from the railroad interests themselves, asking Congress to shield them against the harsh winds of competition." ~ Dan Smoot

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