Monday, November 05, 2012

Election coverage and NO on all levies

I'll be participating in some upcoming election coverage and wanted to let you know, so you can - hopefully - tune in and join us.

First, today at 4 p.m. Eastern I'll join my friend and fellow blogger, Duane Lester (All American Blogger) for a discussion on Ohio on Liberty News Live.

Tomorrow, I'll be joining my friend and radio host Tony Katz for Citizen Watchdog live coverage of election day activities across the nation. But it isn't just a bunch of people talking at you:

Instead of being talked at, we invite you to join the conversation, along with thousands of citizens just like you. Your participation, tips, and insights will help with the analysis. You can tweet at us at @WatchdogWire, use the hash tag #ElectionWatch, send us an e-mail at or participate in our live-chat function.

Our host, Tony Katz, will interview the following experts live:

• Michelle Malkin, Political commentator and author
• Dana Loesch, Talk radio host
• Jason Stverak, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
• Dean Clancy, FreedomWorks
• Jennifer Stefano, AFP State Director and FOX News Commentator

So don’t feel stuck with MSM election coverage. Watch with your fellow citizens starting at 6 pm ET and get the latest breaking news from around the country in real time -- no delays, no filters!

Register here to participate:

Lastly, in case you've not yet decided how you will vote on any of the levy issues, please read this and remember your friends and neighbors who are out of work, on food stamps, having trouble paying their mortgages or, heaven forbid, already in foreclosure.

The five county-wide and two City of Toledo levies will suck $54.6 million out of the wallets of residents - $45.3 million of it NEW taxation.

Will your parents or grandparents who are retired and on fixed incomes end up having to choose between paying these additional taxes or paying for their medicines? A $300 a year increase in taxation (for a $100,000 home) has to be taken from somewhere - what will they choose to give up so they don't lose their home?

Because these are property taxes, the inability to pay these new taxes will result in the loss of a home. Are any of these 'quality of life' levies really worth a family losing their home over?

And do any of them really deserve a 45%, 67% or even an 85% increase? Did YOU get that kind of increase this year?

Just say NO.

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skeeter1107 said...

Vote down all of the levies. Let them figure out how to get by on less money instead of them having us get by on less money.

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