Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Toledo gets $2.4 million rebate from BWC

The City of Toledo, like many other employers in the state, is getting a refund from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation...the question, though, is what they're going to do with it. Spend it, is my guess, which is confirmed by a press release issued by the city. The bigger question is this: once you spend the money on increased safety forces, how will you pay them in the future?

Press release:

City of Toledo receives $2.4 million rebate from Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Toledo Mayor Michael P. Bell today accepted a check in the amount $2,498,478.33 from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The funds come as a rebate announced by Bureau as a result of greater than anticipated dividends on investments.

Mayor Bell thanked the Bureau and Governor John Kasich for their efficiency in managing the agency and for returning the dividends to the municipalities and businesses required to purchase the state provided insurance.

“This rebate will reduce the amount of money allocated to our workers’ compensation fund from the general fund and provide additional funding to increase manpower in our safety forces,” said Mayor Bell.

Thanks in part to the BWC rebate, the city now plans to hire a class of 50 firefighters in August. The original 2013 general fund budget called for a class of only 30 recruits. A class of 65 police officers is budgeted to begin in October 2013 as well. Since taking office, Bell has hired 142 firefighters and 115 police officers. The 2013 classes will bring those totals to 192 firefighters and 180 police officers hired during his inaugural term as mayor.


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