Friday, August 09, 2013

Surprise! No Republican wants to run against Kasich

Kasich probably won't face
a primary challenger.
According to various reports and information I've received, it looks like there won't be a primary challenge against Gov. John Kasich.

Despite intense anger from many conservatives and tea party groups, potential candidates are calling it 'political suicide' to challenge the incumbent. And they're probably right.

"If they want to have a future at the party, they're told not to run," Tom Zawistowski, former president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition who was unsuccessful in his bid for GOP state chairman, recently told Gongwer Ohio.

Mounting a primary challenge would require raising significant amounts of money from many of the same people already committed to Kasich. And it's never easy going up against the party's standard bearer, even when the 'bearer' is short on consistency with cord standards and principles.

Which is not to say that incumbents should not face challenges - just that the ideal candidate to do so has to have considerable resources, reputation and support already in place and not have too much to risk if they lose.

Charlie Earl, the gubernatorial candidate from the Libertarian Party, might prove to be an option in the general election for those who just can't pull the lever (yes, an old reference) for Kasich, but I don't think most Republicans will change party affiliation by pulling a Libertarian ballot in the primary.

Of course, it's still early and, as upset as conservatives are with Kasich, he's still a better choice than the Democrat, Ed FitzGerald.

***Side note: I'm headed to Indianapolis for the weekend to participate in the Smart Girl Summit and will try to blog about some of the sessions, especially the ones focusing on culture. ***

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