Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I believe in Santa Claus

Yes, I'm a big kid at heart and I have - and always will - believe in Santa.

Even if someone can possibly prove to me that he does not exist physically (which I doubt), I will continue to believe in his spirit and impact on us.

But - in case you were doubtful about the jolly man in a red suit, let me share with you this explanation: physics proves Santa exists. Don't worry - it's short and easy to understand - unlike most physics we might recall from our days in school.

If that's not enough, the Christmas Tree Market provides this infographic to show how Santa manages to do it all - from the making to the delivery of the presents (click for full view):

Wonders and Physics of Santa Claus

If you're still skeptical, how about some physical proof?

"A weather camera posted on the east deck of the late actor Don Knott's former estate high above Los Angeles captured still pictures of something very very unique and enchanting. Looking like a plane or helicopter at first glance, when experts zoomed in on the image, they found themselves face-to-face with what really does appear to be a sleigh and reindeer soaring through the sky. It was a monumental capture in the search to prove that Santa is indeed very real."

and this:

"On a Moscow bound flight from Athens, Greece during the early morning hours of Christmas Day, 2001, a man traveling home to his family in rural Russia took a picture out of the plane window high above the icy wilds of the Ukraine. Do you see what I see? What he saw? Yeah, the proof is in the pudding, as they say."

Then there is NORAD - who tracks Santa's progress across the globe. Are you really going to doubt NORAD?

Santa is magical, yes. But he definitely exists and I hope you get to experience the joy of believing this year, and every year.

Merry Christmas!

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