Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Did I hear correctly???

Did I hear correctly? Did I really just hear Councilman Michael Ashford on WSPD say that the Mayor "has the power to appoint people to" Toledo City Council?

Unfortunately, that seems to be the perspective of at least 7 people on Council - including the Republicans.

I guess that the City Charter, which places this responsibility on the members of Toledo City Council doesn't mean that much.

Perhaps next time there is a vacancy on the Council, the members can conduct their own screening in full view of the public, and then make a decision based upon the presentations and Q&A. And since this is a non-partisan office, there should be no question as to the individual's party affiliation. This way, the focus could be on the actual qualifications rather than the political dues paid in the past.

This would certainly do justice to the Charter and to the residents of Toledo.


Unknown said...

That would be in my opinion the best way for these appointments to be handled as well.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


A list of Candidates that WANTED & RAN for that office already exists

Why shouldn't the next highest vote getter for that position be the one to fill the vacancy?

I mean, those willing to run for that seat have already been prioritized by "We the People..."

Okay, there it is; I saw it that time.

“Those the Arrogant” would rather SELECT from their political cronies who were too timid/bashful to try for the seat by campaigning out in the light.

So, we get (spineless, hollow) puppets, instead of people (with their own brains, minds, and ideas), who were willing to campaign under the glare of the spotlight... And, we accept this?

Sorry, I forgot, it’s “We the Sheeple,” now isn’t it?

What Carty did SUCKS MIGHTILY, the arrogant S.O.B.

We the Sheeple need to grow several pairs and call him on this.

Maggie said...

Hooda - I don't necessarily disagree, but that's not what the charter currently says. So, in focusing on the charter, which says it's Council's job, I don't want the political parties to do the work - I want COUNCIL to do the work of interviewing and selecting AND, I want them to do it in public so everyone can see.

I believe that such a process will show who the truly qualified and committed individuals are - versus who's just there to do the bidding of a person - or a party.

And not to be contrary, but it's not just Carty who needs to be called on this - it's the Council who failed in their duty to the citizens who need to be held accountable.

Unknown said...

Agreed again as well, just because the Lucas County Democratic Party decided who they wanted and/or the Mayor decided who he wanted really had no bearing on what the Charter stated. It was clear that it was up to Toledo City Council the Charter makes no mention of any political parties and the Mayor only is supposed to come into this if City Council does not make an appointment within 30 days.

Do said...


I'm sure you heard Michael Ashford correctly. It's not the first time he has made a totally assinine statement. As a councilman he is obviously not familiar with the City Charter and that, in itself, should throw red flags when it's time to vote for a new councilman.

This whole 'selection' process is full of holes. While Lourdes may be a nice person she is not the person that should be in that council seat.

I am truly disappointed in the Democratic party in Lucas County, in Dominic, in Carty, in ALL of council. Yes, ALL of them. Even the ones that voted against this. Had they had one iota of...nerve (for lack of a better term at the moment) they would have demanded that the process be handled appropriately and abstained from the vote. If they had been willing to make a stink over it they would have shown the rest of us that there are truly council people that are worth their salt.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Heck, with Bob, Betty, Taylor, & now Lourdes taking unusual routes to Council, why not let Carty appoint 'em all?

Double heck - why not just let Carty make every decision for us?

That way we don't have to think or worry, and can spend our time in blissful ignorance.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


The obvious drawback with Council making any selection is that it still plays into the mentality of partisan politics.

I would think that the phasing in of a truly non-partisan council, by not allowing any party designations or any kinds of endorsements whatsoever, might be a good start. This could open the way to focusing everyone’s attention on the ideas of each candidate, not what party he/she claims to belong to.

Of course the big (evil) two parties want no part of this, it would diminish any perceived “edge” that they might have. And, it would put what used to be the minor party candidates on an equal footing with the former majors.

Further, yard signs and ads could be outlawed, leaving people to get their information on the candidates from broadcast and televised candidates and forums.

Print media could also only cover these events by completely reporting the text of the event, word for word.

I know this looks like a step backwards, but the reporting and campaigning of the past, IMO, was better and the parties were not as overbearing as they have come to be recently, so I think of this as a step in the right direction.

Ideas over labels was and is, my intent.

Note the use of the word "reporting." its, use excludes "editorializing."

Kate said...

hooda asks: Why shouldn't the next highest vote getter for that position be the one to fill the vacancy?

Well that's the way we all THOUGHT it was supposed to be. This shakes the confidence in all parties involved in this.

This is an example of a gross abuse of process and the public trust. Everyone who's involved in this is on my list to actively campaign against during their next run for office.

Kate said...

and by the way - I'm going to get a copy of that charter.

I'm going to read it and I'm going to post it on the upcoming website so EVERYONE can read it and access it easily.

liberal_dem said...

Did I really just hear Councilman Michael Ashford on WSPD say that the Mayor "has the power to appoint people to" Toledo City Council?

I surely do not know what Ashford meant by this comment but, perhaps, and to maintain his credibility, he meant to add: 'if the Council fails to appoint a replacement in 45 days.'

Then again, I may be giving him more than he is due.

Maggie said...

LD - he followed up the statement with something along the lines of "that's the way things work" so I don't think he was referring to the mayoral obligation to appoint if council didn't act.

Had I thought there was any ambiguity in his statement, I would not have made an issue of it.

But thanks for asking...

Do said...

In MY dealings with Mr. Ashford I have come away with this description: disinterested, self-serving, hypocritical, arrogant, two-faced, and haughty.

Keep in mind that these are just MY perceptions of the man. For those that have had positive interactions with him.....more power to ya. I don't trust him at all - no way.

And LD - in my dealings with him, when he says crap like this he means it. Whether through ignorance or arrogance, he spends a lot of time on one foot since the other is always in his mouth.

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