Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More time for feedback on License Plate Fee

Today, the commissioners decided to delay a vote on the proposed $5 increase in the license plate fee.

Despite having 2 public hearings, Commissioner Wozniak believed that there should be better outreach to the township trustees for their input. She requested the delay in order to contact the trustees (and I also suggested the mayors and councils in the villages) to see if they would like to take a position on the fee increase.

The County Engineer, who made the request, confirmed that the vote could take place at our next meeting (June 6th, 9:30 a.m.) and still meet his timeframe for implementation, if we vote yes.

So there's still time for you to share your opinion of this with the commissioners. The phone number is 419-213-4500 and our emails are:

Please take the time to have your opinions heard!

I receive an email of all postings to my blog and the posting below was received, but has not shown up on the blogsite. I believe it's important to include it in the body of the topic rather than as a comment. My thanks to County Engineer Keith Earley who submitted it:

I am afraid that I bored everyone to death with all the details of what we do, why we do it, why it is important, and why it will cost more later. The major point is: HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION COSTS HAVE INCREASED 25% SINCE 2003 AND EXPERTS EXPECT 30% MORE.

Our revenue has not kept pace with inflation, but we have coped with a 2.5% annual inflation rate, knowing some adjustments for inflation will need to be made. The $5 permissive would provide a 2.5% increase. With registations declining in Lucas County we expect our future revenue to decline. We have put an emphasis on maintenance & reduced our workforce 20%.

A one time 2.5% increase is a very small first step. We need all revenue tied to the average of the highway constion cost index & the CPI. CCAO lists one of the reasons to oppose the TEL amendment is because costs such as highway construction costs have increased much more than the 3.5% allowable.

The public is not aware of the situation and I am nnot surprised that they would oppose any increase. The longer we wait to make annual adjustments for inflation, the further our ability to let construction contracts will be diminished. A cap on the annual increase to 3.5 % would be a huge improvement to 0%.

--Posted by Keith Earley to Thurber's Thoughts at 5/24/2006 12:24:29 PM

1 comment:

Kate said...

This makes legitimate sense. Please let him know that it only makes sense, in the future, to put the reason for the request out at the same time the request is made.

I don't think the county is in a mood to approve any unexplained expendatures at the present time.

Just my two cents worth. You ask me for money when things are hard and you need to tell me why you want it.

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