Monday, July 09, 2007

Who speaks for Lucas County Republicans?

This morning on WSPD 1370 AM, morning show host, Fred Lefebvre, asked why I hadn't spoken out about the recent Democrat Party Fundraiser controversy, wherein certain 'female entertainers' were recruited to be waitresses at a golf outing. (This link will take you to the first story in The Blade, but it is only the first of many.)

My first reaction was to spout off a well-known adage that many candidates learn early in their careers: When your opponent is destroying himself, don't get in the way. And this certainly applies to the controversy currently splitting the local Democrat Party - with A-Teamers taking proper advantage of a lack of good judgment by B-Teamer party chairman, John Irish, and going so far as to call for his resignation.

That this issue represents a lack of good judgment is clear, considering it's gotten international attention. But the local Republican Party leaders and elected officials have been pretty quiet on the issue.

I'd defend them, by going back to the adage...the local Dems don't need a lot of help on this one as they're doing a good enough job internally. But Fred does raise a good question - who IS speaking for the local GOP?

We have a party chairman who has traditionally been the spokesman for our local GOP. Certainly, elected officials have spoken for themselves on all sorts of issues, so their ability to comment on this one is a given...whether or not they WANT to comment is another question, entirely.

So if Fred - or anyone else, for that matter - is looking for an official GOP response, this is where they should start. As for me, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the show.

UPDATE: Lisa at Glass City Jungle has an interesting post about local Democrat women calling for a boycott of a meeting at their local headquarters. Rumor has it that State Party Chair Chris Redfern has decided NOT to attend the meeting, as scheduled.

As I said, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the show...although now I may need some popcorn.


Publius said...

I'm going to have to find out more about this "Lucas County Republican Party"...I hear they exist, but its kind of like Bigfoot or mermaids.

Maybe I should be county chairman?

Smoke If You Got 'Em

Angela Wallington Zimmann, Ph.D. said...

The Lucas County Republican party certainly exists out in my "neck of the woods" - Springfield Township, where every trustee and practically every school board member and village office-holder are members of the GOP. Truth be told, even though I'm a dem, I like some of 'em an awful lot although I don't always agree with them. Now, as for strippergate, or whatever we're calling it... I think there are some pertinent posts on Glass City Jungle, particularly tlcurth's comment about how strippers belong in strip clubs and golfers belong on golf courses... it isn't that complicated. I also think that there is a new brand of dem emerging - neither Team A nor B, but taking the best of both - and there is some good in both - and working for progress here in Lucas County.

Maggie said...

Angela - I share your affection for members of the opposite party. I, too, have found that I can like others, even when we disagree on certain points. And I continue to have a special affection for township trustees...

Glass City Jungle does have some very good posts. Anyone who wants to join that commentary is encouraged to do so.

Chad said...

The "party's" in this town are corrupt. There are no R's or D's for the most part. It's the OBC party, you either live their way, or you suffer more than the rest. Local politicians are a gaggle of climbers, looking out for #1..themselves.

They lie, cheat, steal, lie some more and then take fat daddy vacations and liberties with our money, our city and our lives. There may be a total of 5 worthwhile individuals in the political sphere..but that's about it.

The Council attends 2/3's of the meetings, good showing if it were a full time job. It's's a part time job.

The mayor...uhg!

We must take action..strong, firm, solid action that will destroy the OBC network of manipulative control.

We must replace them with thoughtful, intelligent open minded progressive thinkers.

Roland Hansen said...

The local GOP had a lot of activity under Jim Brennan, if I recall correctly.
As far as R's liking D's and D's liking R's and all the different types of I's, that is what The DIRT Club pulls together. It's all about people with a common interest of serving the community and setting aside political differences for a common good.
DIRT = Democrats, Independents, and Republicans Together.

Brian Maxson said...

Without creating a stir, Maggie, but in your opinion, with the experences you treasure, do you agree these "resignations" are just for show?

I'll come out with my Yes now.

I also enjoy watching this from the sidelines, but I'm in need of a tissue...I think I got some on me.

Maggie said...

Brian - not sure what, exactly, you mean by 'for show,' as the resignations are clearly 'real.' If you're wondering if Irish will still be 'in charge' behind the scenes...well, that's something I hadn't considered.

I'm sure he'll continue to advise some candidates and elected officials. Despite being on opposite sides of the aisle, I can appreciate his keen campaigning abilities and dems would be foolish to forego his knowledge and expertise in that area.

But Dennis Duffey isn't someone who 'takes orders' from anyone. He's a smart man and pretty independent. Considering he's still involved with the IBEW, I don't expect many people will speak out against his temporary leadership of the party...whether or not he wants the party chairmanship on a permanent basis is another issue, entirely...

My personal opinion on all this is that Irish exercised poor judgment in the way the FR was organized, run and then 'publicized.' He further demonstrated a lack of good judgment by the way it was handled in the media over the last week.

But, A-Teamers, sensing blood in the water, did take extreme advantage of the situation to get rid of him. Somehow, I don't think State Chairman Chris Redfern will be able to 'mend these fences' on a permanent basis - the wounds felt by each side go too deep.

Brian Maxson said...

I guess what I am getting at is wondering about your opinion that this if this episode will unite the Democrats, and forgive me for inquiring with your Republicanship and everything, with having a clean slate, knowing all the "behind the scenes" drama that's going on as we speak, will it clog up what's in the chute now, politically?

Personally, I sense a bunch of IOU's being attempted to be cashed in, and it's going to be politics as usual after the dust settles. Which is why I referred to this as "window dressing".

Brian Maxson said...

And is this the same Dennis Duffy that was "temporary treasurer" while Skip tried to whine his way in early?

Maggie said...

The dems always come together at election time - for state and national all Redfern is trying to do is limit the negative impact the in-fighting in Lucas County might have. IMHO, as long as they keep their in-fighting to the local races, Redfern will stay out of things - but this issue went national, necessitating state-wide involvement.

I truly do not know if the a-b teams can ever kiss and make up...there have been, and will continue to be, temporary truces and alliances to fight a 'bigger evil' (meaning republicans), but it always seems to go back to the same old, same old.

As I said earlier, I think some of the wounds go too deep.

And yep - the same Dennis Duffey that I voted to appoint as a temporary treasurer until Wade legally could take office. Again, had the dems gotten together to name their replacement, such an appointment wouldn't have been necessary for the Commissioners to make - but that was more a-team/b-team fallout.

Here's another thought - perhaps they're so used to fighting with someone that, in absence of a vocal republican party, they have to resort to fighting among themselves...If that's the case, who knows how long such in-fighting will continue...

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