Monday, August 06, 2007

Animals in government - part 2 - UPDATED

In December, I posted about the mayor bringing his new dog to work (click here for complete article), and I said that I didn't think the proper place for a pet was in the mayor's office. But here it is eight months later, and he's still bringing the pet to work with him.

But not just to work ... he apparently takes Scout everywhere and leaves him in the car. Craig, over at Idea Treks, has a good perspective on the first instance of this. But according to what's being reported on several local blogs, Carty also brought Scout to a press event at the University of Toledo this morning - and left him in the car again. WSPD ran audio from the press conference this afternoon and you can hear Scout barking during many of the speakers' presentations. (audio available here)

I'm not going to go into the insanity of leaving your pet in a car during this kind of heat - that's been covered in enough places already. But I have to wonder just what's gotten into the mayor that he thinks it's professional or acceptable to have his pet accompany him everywhere he goes, especially when his barking disrupts the activity. Scout's barking, that is...

(Which is not to even get into the subject of who walks Scout or takes him outside to do his business during working hours, as it's been reported numerous times that it isn't the mayor.)

Is Carty so insecure that he must have Scout with him in all his activities? Is Scout supposed to provide some type of calming therapy for Carty? If so, it's not working.

And if Scout is so dependent upon human interaction that the excuse for bringing him to Government Center and press events is that he needs the constant contact, perhaps Carty should have thought about a different selection when looking for a pet.

Whatever excuse the mayor may come up with, the fact remains that having a pet in the mayor's office is unprofessional and sends the wrong message to subordinates who aren't allowed such a priviledge. But then - Carty's known for 'do as I say - not as I do.' Having a barking pet at someone else's press event is beyond unprofessional - it's amateurish and inconsiderate, at best.

If you have an opinion about this, you can always call the Mayor's office and share your thoughts. His number is 419-245-1001.


Greenracks said...

I've always said cats are better.

Maggie Thurber said...

lol, greenracks...

Hooda Thunkit said...

"his dishonor" is clearly a form believer in the old saying that,

"Those laws/rules don't apply to me; those are for the common folks.

I wonder what he will use to justify his actions, when Scout turns up dead one day, due to "his dishonor's actions.

I pity the poor dog, NOT the old dog.

IMNHO, animal abuse is enough of a reason to end his reign of terror (and STUPIDITY) in Toledo.

Roo said...


This whole thing breaks my heart. You know I am a dog lover (animal lover, actually) and to think that ANYone is leaving a dog in the car in this heat - windows open or not - makes me want to tie them to the bumper and go for a ride!

I can't help but wonder why Carty does not leave Scout at home. Home - where he can go out when he needs to, drink when he's thirsty, eat when he's hungry, sleep when he's tired. If Carty and Amy don't want him in the house, then put him in the garage and put a doggie door in so poor Scout can go outside at will and then back into the shade. It's pretty simple actually.

I'm afraid that if I pull into a parking lot somewhere and poor Scout is left in the car unattended I will be forced to open the door and take him out of the car. If that gets me put in jail I sure hope someone has bail money.

And the Handicapped parking spot! What the heck is that about? Carty walks faster, longer and better than I do! This flagrant nose thumbing is really maddening. After all - in Carty's own words -
It's just not right!

Kurt said...

While I've not supported the recall effort, these past four/five days have made me seriously reconsider that position. To this point, I don't think the mayor has really done anything to warrant a recall. However, to get caught on friday parking in a handicap spot with a dog in the car on a 90+ degree day, and then to do it again four days later (the dog, not the parking spot), makes me seriously question his common sense. Before this, I just thought the mayor had a lack of control over his emotions. Now it appears that he lacks complete common sense. If he lacks such common sense, how can anyone truly argue that he has the ability to be mayor of the city? I'm still trying to think of even one possible reason not to support the recall carty campaign.

Ben said...

Totally agree Maggie. A mayor of a city the size of Toledo should not be bringing their dog to work.

Chad said...

Hi all..again..the man lacks common sense and good judgement. It's just another extension of his inability to control himself. I liken him to the kid that gets tossed out of every daycare known to man.

So many are making a fuss as to why the news was even there, the nature of the officer involved etc..who cares? The point is the Mayor is still up to his old and idiotic tricks. It really doesn't matter how or why information comes to light..motive only counts in court. there are plenty of Carty disenters that would love a chance to point out his embarrasing behavior.

Yes, he should leave the dog at home. Will he? Of course not becasue people are "Telling" him to. He takes orders from nobody..well, almost nobody.

If I see 1 single person complain about him if he remains Mayor, I will look to see if they signed the recall. The opportunity is now, and the window is short.

Neighborhood Concerns said...

"A mayor of a city the size of Toledo should not be bringing their dog to work."

The Mayor does so, because he and Schwartz make the claim that Scout, is, an assistance dog.

On the city site;"About 18 months into his training it was determined that Scout had arthritis in one of his elbows, so he had to be removed from the program."\

So, is Scout an assistance dog with the proper credentials?

If not then he does not belong at Government Center as Assistance Dogs are given permits to enter and assist the people who they are trained to help and not someone who adopted a medically challenged dog.

Maggie Thurber said...

Kurt - I'm with ya...I haven't signed the recall petition because I didn't think that he'd done anything to cause removal from office - I don't know that a recall is the correct reaction to an elected official who makes decisions I don't like...

But, this latest pushes me almost to my limit. Not because he's treating his pet inappropriately, but because he seems to think it's okay to have a pet with him while performing his official duties. And, when criticized over such a poor decision, claims that it's "political retaliation"???

I'm not sure he's thinking rationally on this issue.

Maggie Thurber said...

NC - yes, just because he's trained as an assist dog doesn't mean that he's being utilized as such. If I adopted a retired assist dog, I wouldn't be able to bring him with me into government neither should the mayor.

What is he thinking? A dog should not be present while the mayor is performing his duties on behalf of all of us.

We've got to tell our employee (the mayor) that this is not acceptable behavior - call his office!

Neighborhood Concerns said...

"NC - yes, just because he's trained as an assist dog doesn't mean that he's being utilized as such"

I know that and you know that but,

"Brian Schwartz Said: @10:20 pm

By the way, Scout meets the legal definition of an assistance dog. He does not function as one. Scout is good for morale on the 22nd floor.

NC, go on quoting the city code and the ORC. It doesn’t matter. Scout is coming to One Government Center every day if you like it or not. " over on GCJ

And for the record, I share my life with eight dogs. None of which are taken where they are not welcome and are not left in heated cars.

Jay Ott said...


I don't know if the recall is the proper response either. We citizens feel the same way others must have feld under authoritarian tyranny. Damned if we do and damned if we don't.

If the recall fails, then perhaps a more appropriate response is to declare him unfit for office and call for resignation as was done to Richard Nixon long before Watergate.

Frank said...

When I heard this story on the news, I though I had been transported to Mayberry or some other small town America.
The idea of bringing a animal to your workplace is just plain silly! Has they mayor ever thought of what would happen if Scout was to bit a person that was in the mayor's office for some offical business or was seriously allergic to dog hair? You know who would have to foot the medical/legal bill? Yup! The good ol' citizens of Toledo!
And while I am glad that Carty is going to pay (hopefully out of his own pocket) the ticket for illegally parking in a handicap space,the idea of leaving his dog in the car is idiotic. Maybe the Humane Society (or judge)can give the mayor a taste of his own medicine and place him in the same type of environment that he had Scout in for the same duration, with the same amount of "fur" that Scout has on his body and see how that feels....
Just a random thought.

sbabret said...

recalling the Mayor may not be the best option to end this fiasco that is his third term...but it is the only option at this point. the Mayor has become an embarrassment to not only the city of Toledo but the surrounding area as well. I heard the Mayor mentioned on the Glenn Beck show this morning. I wish I lived in Toledo so that I could sign the recall petition...well not really I like Wood County better

Maggie Thurber said...

jayott and sbabret...I don't disapprove of the recall effort - the language exists and I'm glad that citizens are taking advantage of the opportunity.

For each of us, it's a personal decision...many feel strongly about it and that's okay with me. There are a limited number of ways to respond to Carty's antics and individuals who want to should support the recall effort.

Frank - great idea...we could charge to watch such a punishment - with proceeds going to the humane!

Larry said...

I am a resident of Bedford Township, Michigan.

Early in the effort, I was highly opposed to the re-call effort because Carty has been the best thing to happen to Monroe Co. in quite a while. Home prices in my area have gone through the roof. Dozens of new businesses have opened in the area.

Now, however, I am highly in favor of re-calling Carty. Due to your mayor, my home value has gone up, but recently the 5th housing subdivision has broken ground in Bedford Township.

I moved to Bedford Township to get away from the busy urban traffic, the politics of Ohio and specifically the politics of Toledo.

Now, those who can afford the prices of these new houses are all coming from Toledo. EX Toledoans purchased the last three houses for sale on my street.

Enough is enough. Get rid of Carty and stay in Toledo so that I can keep the country atmosphere of Bedford Township.

Maggie Thurber said...


guess you take the good (rising home prices) with the bad (Toledo politics). :)

Look at it this way, at least you know that your new neighbors share your same perspective...

Chad said...

I'm taking signatures at my house tomorrow and Thursday, most of the day. Map is on

After my experience today..this City is in serious need of an overhaul/enema/ recalling nearly all of the leadership, Council included, to get Toledo out of the Dark Ages and into the light of the future.

You can read more on my day at

rick948 said...

I have a question. Has Carty figured out a way to put Scout on the city payroll? Why else does he feel he has to have his pet accompany him, seemingly, everywhere? And, has anyone found out if Carty actually paid the fine for illegal parking, or has he gotten Chief Navarre to "forgive" it? Hummm... guess I had more than one question!

Maggie Thurber said...

rick - one question...three...doesn't really matter. :)

Yes, I believe that he did pay the fine already. According to Brian Schwartz, the fine was paid on the 6th...

As for the dog on the payroll - I suppose stranger things have been known to happen. Thanks for the laugh!

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