Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quote of the day

Considering the actions of Toledo and Lucas County officials, I thought this was rather pertinent.


"Rather than deal with the expensive and difficult task of retrofitting the sinews of commerce and communication -- bridges, tunnels, roads, rail lines, ports, sewers, and drainage systems -- America's urban powers focus on the ephemeral and the glitzy. They emphasize not brick and mortar, but sports stadia, convention centers, arts palaces, dubiously effective new light-rail lines, hotels and condo projects. "

- Wall Street Journal columnist Joel Kotkin


Brian said...

Along with your posting, I recommend the weblog, Antiplanner. Worth looking at for those that are concerned with mismanaged urban planning. Great for the folks that are interested in local government and the problems caused by inept bureaucrats and politicians.

Maggie said...

Brian - I've actually relied upon the information at antiplanner several times. Very good website - I recommend it, too.

Jay Ott said...

Yes, I think it is indeed rather pertinent. Perhaps it's because Mr. Kotkin reads the Blade since I hate to think that there are other "urban powers" running around American cities like our mayor.

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