Friday, September 21, 2007

In defense of the "Food Stamp Challenge"

Fred LeFebvre, morning show host on WSPD, had representatives from the Toledo Area Ministries' Feed Your Neighbor program as his guests this morning.

They accepted his invitation to come on air to discuss the "Food Stamp Challenge" they issued to our Lucas County Commissioners. (Background available here.) When the podcast is up, it will be available here. I'll be transcribing it and then will blog about some of their comments.

Sadly, it's plainly evident from their interview that they have been used as pawns in the wider political game of national politics, clearly admitting that the purpose of this stunt was to invoke sympathy and support for expansion of the Food Stamp Program, while failing to understand the implications of such a statement. They made several other statements which caused me concern, but I'll wait for the podcast before listing them, as I want to be sure of what I heard.

Unfortunately, by starting this 'challenge' with an incorrect premise (the $21 per week per person amount) and having failure as a goal, they've done more damage than good. Individuals who need this type of assistance - and there are certainly more than there should be, especially in Lucas County - don't need 'sympathy.' But making people comfortable in their poverty, rather than helping them with food plans and purchasing strategy, is what this mindset is all about...

More to follow.


Brian said...


I have enjoyed your discussing this topic, and Tom's (BizzyBlog) postings as well. I haven't been able to comment, but keep up the great postings.

Robin said...

Yes... I think they should focus more on providing meal plans, shopping plans and possibly decent recipes. A strategy like that might help people more... give them a sense of independence.

BizzyBlog said...

What Robin said.

Hooda Thunkit said...

That "episode" on Fred's show started out on a fairly low note and then quickly declined into both sides talking past each other.

Clearly no two-way exchanges of ideas took place.

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