Sunday, September 30, 2007

What good is a slogan?

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) recently sent out an email asking GOPers to vote on a slogan for the upcoming 2008 elections.

The choices:

* Has the Democratic Congress worked for you?

* Right a wrong. Fire a Democrat.

* Think locally. Think Republican.

* Optimism today for a better tomorrow.

* Get back to believing.

Unfortunately, I don't think they got the message from the last round of elections...

Slogans aren't any good unless there is action to back them up. Too many are disappointed because they think our congressional representatives have forgotten the core principles of our party. And sadly, these slogans are more about 'advertising' an election than they are about winning the hearts and minds of voters.

Perhaps the NRCC should take a different approach. Why not try something like this:

'We're sorry. We forgot our core principles. Between now and election day, our votes will once again reflect those core values of lower taxation, limited government, no unnecessary spending, and a belief in the power of the individual. And we promise that, once elected in 2008, we'll maintain these positions, voting accordingly.'

Republicans don't need slogans - they need action consistent with the core principles. Votes in congress will send a much better message than any slogan ever will.


-Sepp said...

What I find funny as hell is that the GOP actually thinks their problems stem from not having catchy enough slogans.
They have a mostly bad crop of people IN office and a pool of top tier fools who lack substance. Is it any wonder that Ron Paul was able to raise a 500 grand in the last 7 days? People who would NEVER vote for a GOP candidate are jumping aboard with Paul who also has no fancy slogans to toss around but instead quotes the constitution.

Jay Ott said...

There's at least one conservative political thinker out there who is critical of his own party. He not only has a slogan but is doing something to back it up:

"American Solutions for Winning the Future"

Tim Higgins said...

You have it exactly right Maggie, but why should it be a surprise that our politicians are attempting to choose style over substance.

Perhaps the Republican slogan should be: Vote Republican. Sure we're tax and spend, but not as much as the Democrats.

Yeah, that ought to do it.

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