Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kudos to John Johnson and Andrew Kennedy

From the Regional Growth Partnership:

Northwest Ohio received more positive news recently when it was learned that two local apprentices won a national competition, recognizing them as the best in their fields.

Both apprentices, John Johnson and Andrew Kennedy, came through the Mechanical Contractor’s Association of Northwestern Ohio training program. They both won local and regional competitions before winning national titles – one in HVAC and the other in plumbing. For perspective, there are some 39,000 apprentices in the United States, and our region has two of the best in their respective specialties.

There will be an awards program recognizing the two winners on Monday, October 15th, that will include representatives from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as well as state workforce development.

Congrats John and Andrew!!! What great representatives you are!


Tim Higgins said...

It is great to see these people succeed at such a high level in their fields, and it is right to celebrate them. We can only hope that when that they stay in the area to utilize the skills that they have learned.

Robin said...

Congratulations, to the both of them!

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