Thursday, October 25, 2007

Preview of tonight's show

I've added a note in the side column in my blog, featuring each day's Eye on Toledo topic. Additionally, I plan to do a daily post that will highlight any background information that listeners may find helpful.

Tonight's topic will be a follow-up of the LCIC situation and we'll be looking at today's Blade article on the subject. We'll also bring in an aspect that hasn't been covered yet - the impact all this has on our local Workforce Investment Board, another non-profit organization who has a contract with the LCIC.

We'll also discuss the recent comments Commissioner Pete Gerken made about potential funding sources for the new downtown arena. I've long had financial concerns about this project and the recent comments do nothing to allay them. For perspective, please read this post from last August.

Looking forward to discussing these with you tonight!


Tim Higgins said...


I think that the preview is a great idea, but you may also want to change the profile at the top of your blog page. I don't think you can continue the fiction of saying "I'm taking a well-deserved rest..." with all of the things that you are currently involved with.

Unless of course, this is some definition of "rest" with which I am unfamiliar.

Maggie Thurber said...

thanks for the reminder...

Frank said...

Thanks for the heads up on tonight's program. I wish I was able to comment on the air. But due to my crazy work schedule, I will be unable to comment.

However, after reading the Blade's story of this whole circus affair, I am beginning to wonder about the LCIC. It seems that there are too many politicians involved in this non-profit organization, which begs the question....don't these people have day jobs???? I can understand if they have some experience in economic developement or other related fields that would help in this area. But to my knowledge, none of them do.
As for the arena....Toledoans/Lucas County will be hit hard to help pay for another blunder by our officials.
I wonder if things would change if they would reap some kind of penalty for making poor judgement calls without an in-depth research of a project. Kind of like hitting them in their pocketbooks.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Dittos on the preview feature.

Once my work schedule changes, (wink, wink) I'll be able to call in too ;-)

It can't happen soon enough for me...

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