Thursday, December 04, 2008

Plan to attend Buckeye Institute's Ohio School Reform policy briefing

Buckeye Institute Policy Briefing

The Liberty in Learning Approach to Ohio School Reform: Empowering Families, Growing School Choice and Increasing Transparency in Education

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December 11, 7:30-9:00AM; Toledo, Toledo Club, West Point Room

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions is offering Ohioans a vision for education reform grounded in our "Liberty in Learning" approach of empowering families, growing school choice and increasing transparency in education spending. Our Policy Briefings are intended to give concerned citizens, policymakers and reform-minded educators an alternative to the remedies offered by the education status quo in the Governor's current education policy caravan visiting many of these same cities this month.

Ohio taxpayers should know that despite the challenges you face today in Ohio's troubled and heavily-taxed private economy, the education establishment is gearing up for another run at spending and tax increases without regard for either your ability to pay or the effectiveness of further spending increases. The Buckeye Institute is working to meet this challenge with the facts about schools and our economy. These Briefings will include plenty of Q&A and discussion on how we can best represent the viewpoint that more dollars are not the solution to school performance issues.

Our presentation will feature: our proposal for a bold, new, universal child-centered school funding system for Ohio; an independent appraisal of the benefits of charter schools to state taxpayers; and, updates on other school choice strategies including the Special Needs Vouchers and tuition tax credits. We will also have a special presentation on how our school spending transparency project gathering all salaries and contracts for all of the state's public school teachers and administrators in one website can help taxpayers better know "who's getting what" out of the $16 billion being spent on education in Ohio.

Our briefings will feature Matthew Carr, Director of Education Policy, and Mike Maurer, Director of the Buckeye Institute's Center for Transparent and Accountable Government.

These events are open to the public: all are welcomed and please feel free to pass on this invite to others. However, reservations are required due to limited space. A continental breakfast will be available at the morning events, and a $10 donation would be welcomed then for food and room costs.

Be involved in the discussion and come to learn more!

To REGISTER or to request more information, please contact Heidi Smith by email at or call her directly at (614) 859-3798. Visit our website at or contact our office at (614) 224-4422.

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