Thursday, December 04, 2008

Don't we have just two legs?

In what I'm sure he thought was an inspirational speech about supporting the bailout for the auto industry, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday again stuck his foot in his mouth.

You can listen to clips of his comments on the WSPD News Page, but the comment that caught my attention was not used by the News Department.

Carty said:

"We have to get up on our hind legs, labor and management together, and fight..."

So I have to ask - what hind legs? We only have two legs, so what is he talking about? Is he implying we have to act like animals in the way we address the issue of the bailout? Are we supposed to 'fight' like junkyard dogs?

Obviously, since he made the comment yesterday during the 'pep rally' to try to generate support for the bailout, he's had time to clarify his comment. Does his not even realize what he said? And did no one say anything to him about it? Probably not, considering his previous reactions to such criticisms.

Carty was way over the top, claiming that without the bailout, the auto industry in American will collapse. Most 'experts' say that even if one or two of the Big 3 have to declare bankruptcy, it will not mean the end of the American auto industry. As it is, Ford is saying only that they'd appreciate a line of credit - they don't actually need any money, at least, not yet. And a bankruptcy does not always mean a liquidation, but even if it did, other manufacturers would purchase and then use the assets that were being sold. It might mean the end of a particular company, but not the end of an industry.

Carty also claims that "the American automobile industry built the United States of America and where in the world would you let anybody who built a country fail on its backside?" Grammar aside, I guess I didn't realize we had cars in 1776.

He ends with: "...this is what America is about and the day we lose it is the day we lose our strength and our vigor and our heart and soul as a nation." And our Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur said 'it's a fight for America and our children and grandchildren,' adding the obligatory 'it's for the children' tug on the heartstrings.

I'm concerned that an elected mayor thinks the heart and soul of our nation is dependent upon any one industry, rather than upon the freedom and liberty of its citizens. I'm also concerned that our representative who voted against the $700 Billion bailout now thinks a bailout is somehow okay because it benefits members of a union.

I only wish they were this passionate about cutting my taxes, reducing the size of government and increasing my liberty.

Sidenote: Carty called the $34 Billion being sought a 'modest' amount. Gee - can I have a 'modest' raise?


navyvet said...

Hi Maggie...nice catch!

He was obviously thinking of Scout.

I think his performance gives us a clue of the climate in his Wednesday staff meetings....would be funny if it wasn't so sad...

Carol said...

Once again the arrogance of some of out elected officials rears its' ugly head.

Businesses flourish and fail all the time - in good economies and bad. That's the nature of business. Might not be pleasant, but it's true.

On my hind legs? Ummmmm ... that would be a no, Carty. Perhaps you need to audit a class in anatomy and physiology to clear that up for ya.

"for our children and grandchildren" from Marcy Kaptur? Has the woman gone daft? Does she not realize that all this type of thing does is create a lasting hardship for "our children and grandchildren" and that they are the only ones that will be alive long enough to pay the price?

Years ago I would have laughed at these statements. But now, after much personal growth, it makes me want to cry. Cry in anger.

The audacity of these 'leaders' that want us to believe that by giving my money (and yours!) to some fat-cat CEO so that he/she can make the world a better place ... well, it just insults my intelligence.

Give me back the money I've paid in taxes. Let me invest it as I see fit. I would bet it all that the return on that investment would be much stronger than what we are being handed now.

Mad Jack said...

I'm concerned that an elected mayor thinks

As well you should be. Thinking is what caused the bear to fall off the bicycle.

This situation would be pitifully stupid if it weren't for the location - the US of A. As you pointed out, if the elected officials really wanted to build a better economy, they would begin by cutting taxes.

navyvet said...

"...get up on our hind legs, labor and management together..."

Come to think of it....sounds very risque'.... :(

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