Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Limited posting - and where is the $43 million?

I've been working on a special project and thought I would have time to do some blogging, even with the limited internet access that I have during this project schedule.

However, as you can tell, such is not the case.

So expect limited posts between now and the 13th - and then probably a bunch to get caught up...though I'm glad that Toledo City Council rejected the Mayor's plan to eliminate 50% of the tax reciprocity for people living in Toledo but working outside the city limits.

While he called it 'politically correct,' I call it a wise decision as it would have encouraged even more people to leave our city.

Maybe now Council and the Mayor can start to set priorities of what needs to be funded, rather than just threatening residents with cuts in police and fire.

Oh - and if the Mayor has cut $43 million from the budget, WHERE???? I've asked this question before, but no one seems to be able to explain his claim, especially since the General Fund budget for 2009 is about $15 million MORE than in 2006. From my earlier post:

2006: $234,312,215.50 (actual spent)
2007: $242,752,864.71 (actual spent)
2008: $254,098,779.08 (estimated - still don't have final numbers)
2009: $249,369,853.02 (approved by council)

According to these figures, spending from the General Fund has increased - not been reduced. I can only surmise that the 'cuts' being referred to aren't really cuts in spending, but 'cuts' in the amount of increase - kind of what Washington does...

I guess playing with the numbers is more important than actually doing something.

More to come....


Hooda Thunkit said...


In all fairness, the mayor never said that "he" cut $43 Mil from the fudge-It; it was the little voices in his head that said that. . .

I have that on very good authority..., from the voices in my own head, so it must be so ;-)

Antipelagian said...

Obviously you're not up on the new math...Carty is.

Maybe you should sit in one of the empty seats that 50% of TPS students leave when they drop-out.

Tim Higgins said...


You need to tell them to up the power on the WiFi on the beach that you are probably hanging out on Special Project indeed! :-)

As for the Mayor's math, it is a skill which is on par with his internet and speaking skills, and as such, is beyond contestation.

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