Thursday, January 14, 2010

LCRP update

The Blade is reporting that the Republican state central committee has agreed to delay any action on deciding which group is the 'official' Lucas County Republican Party until January 26, the next court date for a preliminary injunction hearing on a legal challenge to the certification of committee lists by the Board of Elections.

Megan Gallagher filed the lawsuit, including a request for a temporary restraining order, against the BOE and the state central committee. The Lucas County Prosecutor, representing the BOE, agreed to the delay as well.

This makes sense as it resulted in the withdrawal of the request for a temporary restraining order.

On a separate note, I've been told by numerous individuals that the Stainbrook-led executive committee, at their last meeting, authorized the expenditure of up to $50,000 to cover legal fees.

The party doesn't have $50,000 and if it did, wouldn't that money be better spent electing Republicans?

But the bigger issue might be the 'what if' questions:

What if...Stainbrook is not selected by the state central committee to be chairman? Does that mean Stainbrook left the new group with a huge debt? If the ruling goes to Simpson, would any such action be legally binding since it happened after Stainbrook was voted out of office?

What if...Stainbrook wins at the state central committee? Will the party still be obligated for that expense or will it be donated as an in-kind because it's for Stainbrook's lawsuits while it would have to be paid if Stainbrook loses?

In checking the LCRP finance reports on file with the BOE, there is no mention of payment for legal expense or any in-kind contributions for legal services since Stainbrook took over as chairman.

So who has been paying for these attorneys up to this point? And why would the payment arrangement change now?

Some who've told me of this decision by Stainbrook's executive committee have speculated that it's one last way Stainbrook will 'get even' if he fails to maintain the leadership of the party. Sadly for the LCRP, there are many who would find this speculation ... sound.

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Jeff said...

Lets just hope he leaves when the 2 weeks are up. Will he go or will he threaten more legal action? Does this give the blade additional opportunity to put pressure on judges/state party? I have lots more questions than answers.

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