Monday, January 11, 2010

Rich Iott to run against Kaptur as independent candidate

This just in via email:


Someone once described the experience of being catapulted from an aircraft carrier as similar to "making love and being in a car accident at the same time." That is pretty much how I am feeling at this moment.

Those of you who know me well know that this was never an ambition of mine. In fact, I have stayed as far away from the political arena as I possibly could without walking off the edge of the planet. But I can no longer sit back and watch the systematic disassembly of our form of government and freedom. I certainly don't think that I can save America alone and I didn't want to put my life on hold for a few years while I do this. But I would never be able to look in the mirror again if I didn't try to help those that are doing it.

This thing called the United States, under the charter of one of the most brilliantly conceived documents known to man (the Constitution), has been the most successful social experiment in the history of human civilization. We cannot let it be destroyed by those who apologize for our success and our strengths, or those who would take the earned rewards from the honest worker and give it to those who break our laws and those who could work but are not so "inclined" or those that think the government "stash" ought to support them 'cause they 'deserve' it!

I want to help to take this country back from the career politicians and the irresponsible spending which is so prevalent. It isn't really rocket science... it is common, fiscal sense. The Founding Fathers meant for this country to be managed by citizen-statesmen, not professional politicians. By the People; not by the Government. That is why they gave only the House of Representatives the power to introduce laws and to lay taxes... along with short, two year terms so that they could go back to their farms and shops and livelihoods.

That concept has been prostituted. We need to fix it. We cannot survive as a country which has the second highest business taxes in the world and where people are paid - for months and months - not to work. Or a country where over half of what you have earned and saved in your entire life - after taxes - can be taken away from you just because you happened to have died.

We have a lot of work to do and I am going to need your help; physically, mentally, verbally, and financially (you knew I'd have to throw that one in...). If you are interested in helping, please contact us at There is a huge need for volunteers. We will also have an online donations site set up shortly.

Best Regards,


10 January 2010

Iott Launches Bid for U.S. Congress

Monclova resident and well known Toledo area businessman Rich Iott has thrown his hat into the ring to run for the 9th Congressional District’s seat in the United States House of Representatives. That seat is presently held by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur who was first elected in 1982. Iott has registered with the Lucas County Board of Elections as an Independent candidate.

Mr. Iott was the President and CEO of Seaway Food Town, Inc., a regional chain of 75 supermarkets and drugstores based in Maumee until that company merged with Spartan Stores in 2000. He said the focus of his campaign will be on sound fiscal policy, limiting federal reach into the lives of citizens and the activities of businesses, and a common sense approach to government. “I feel there is a great deal of resentment among the people these days about how this country is being run,” he said.

Iott continued, “Legislators are routinely passing legislation which a large majority of their constituents oppose either because they think they ‘know better’ than their constituents or to satisfy some particular political agenda. Representatives are elected to ‘represent’ the citizens; that’s not happening much anymore.” Iott said that he is also greatly concerned about the “irresponsible” amount of debt being run up by the present administration without any consideration for cost reductions. Iott said “we are bankrupting the future of our children and grandchildren with a burden of debt that they can never repay.”

Iott, 58, has never held an elected office before. When asked what qualified him for the job, he replied, “that is exactly my qualification: I am not a politician, never have been, and don’t intend to become one.” He indicated that among other things he intends to introduce is term limit legislation. He said that he believes long term positions in the same seat or the same house in government can encourage “obligations and cronyism” which is counter to the best interests of the people.

Iott feels that his experience in running large businesses and small businesses, in both union and non-union environments, will greatly assist him in helping manage what he describes as “the biggest economic enterprise in the world.” “Many of the people in the legislature have never run a business; many have never even had free-market jobs. They are not in tune with the real world in which their constituents live”, he stated.

But his first challenge will simply be getting on the ballot. In the State of Ohio, Republican or Democrat candidates can enter the primary election based on a petition signed by 50 voters. Unaffiliated, or independent, candidates are not a part of the primary process so instead are required to provide a much larger number of signatures based on a percentage of the number of votes cast for governor in the district in the last election. That means Mr. Iott needs to submit 2,098 certified voter signatures by May 3rd, the day before the primary.


Iott for Congress 2010



Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


What a breath of fresh air!

Welcome to the contest citizen-statesmen Iott!!!

Tim Higgins said...

It is probably far too early to celebrate, but one cannot hope but sing a chorus or two of: "Ding dong the witch is dead!"

Roman said...


...more praise will follow.

Mad Jack said...

Okay, how does Rich feel about the Bill of Rights? Is some repression acceptable or not?

DDBOOTS said...

Kaptur Out! One of BEST things that could happen for us!

Maybe Kaptur can just retire and have Konop take care of her!

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