Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I did NOT endorse Dan Steingraber

I was just emailed a photo of a flyer being sent out by Lucas County Commissioner Candidate Dan Steingraber and I want to be sure everyone knows that the claim that I have endorsed him is completely false and, I believe, intentionally misleading.

Here is the flyer:

You can clearly see my name underneath the "Endorsed" heading. He has a quote from my blog post, The questionable value of a Blade endorsement, right underneath a quote from the Blade's own editorial endorsement of him.

This is clearly meant to imply that I have endorsed his candidacy. Nothing could be further from the truth and I call on him to stop using this flyer in his campaign.

I did NOT endorse Dan Steingraber and am appalled and outraged that he took a sentence from my blog post out of context to imply that I had. While my words are quoted accurately, it was not an endorsement of him nor his campaign.

Here is the entire quote:

Please don't misunderstand my statements which follow. I believe Steingraber is a solid fiscal conservative, a good businessman and I'm glad to have him as a choice on my own Republican ballot. He's certainly not disappointed me like fellow candidate Toledo Councilman George Sarantou has when it comes to votes on increasing government and raising taxes.

But as a Republican who will be casting a vote for one of the three candidates (the third being Springfield Township Trustee Andy Glenn) for this position on May 4th, the Blade's endorsement is not reassuring. ...

I have not endorsed for the primary for Lucas County Commissioner and did not intend to.

However, as a result of this action, I can clearly say that Steingraber is NOT my choice and will NOT receive my vote.


navyvet said...

Nor mine......

Mad Jack said...

Well, I heard that but I didn't believe it.

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