Saturday, May 22, 2010

City 'misplaced' trash tax protest letters

This in via email:

Karen Shanahan will present a Citizen's Advisory regarding the Refuse Fee and Class Action representation regarding the Fee. A call to action by the residents of Toledo.

When: Monday 10:15 a.m.
Where: In front of One Government Center

Karen has been keeping us updated on this issue on her blog where her last post detailed the request for public records on how many people filed a protest against the trash tax. I know that I've filed the protest form she provided with every one of my water payments since the form was introduced.

But apparently, the city "has "misplaced" most of the protest letters," according to a comment Karen left on my earlier post "Trash tax and broken promises: we told you so!"

How convenient for the city - they just happen to 'misplace' all the letters that could be used against them in a lawsuit.

Thankfully, I kept a copy of the letter I sent, but I wonder how many other people thought about doing so?

If you can, please come out to support Karen and help fight the this illegal tax.


navyvet said...


James said...

So Bell breaks a promise to the citizens of Toledo on the trash fee? Ran as an independent, acts like a Democrat. The Blade is on his case for breaking the promise. It's time for them and the media to pepper Bell with questions about the broken promise. The people have to do it too, until he comes clean and reduces the trash tax to $8.50 a month instead of $10. Bell treats us like so many other politicians, like the useful idiots he needed to get elected. Then we get trashed by him once he takes office.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

I too on multiple occasions emailed and written protests on this very topic to both the office of the (former) mayor and the Department of Utilities and have NEVER received so much as an acknowledgment.

Does this latest news surprise me?

Not really.

As I said on "Roland Hansen Commentary," it's just a case of weasels being weasels...

And in this one horse town they'll get away with is :-(

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