Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fake Tea Party petition in Michigan?

Chet Zarko, a blogger friend of mine in Michigan, has the exclusive: Dem Party Dirty Trick on Fake Tea Party Petition Revealed.

From his post:

Zarko Research has learned that a nefarious unknown group calling itself "The Tea Party" at PO Box 23 in Richville, MI 48757 (near Flint) is circulating a petition on a paid basis, at roughly $1 per signature to the circulator. The group is so new that the Secretary of State has nothing on file as of this moment.

The petition was mailed to known paid circulators in the metro Detroit area earlier this week and based on conclusions of proprietary knowledge to Zarko Research, the petition is being operated by a liberal-leaning petition management firm with ties to the Democratic Party. The petition claims to seek access to the ballot for an entirely new party - the "Tea Party", although when Zarko Research interviewed known organizers of the Tea Party they all knew nothing about it. When shown copies of the petition, Wendy Day of Howell, Michigan, organizer of Common Sense in Michigan considered one of the lead Tea Party protest organizers in the state, told us that the Tea Party as she has known it has never sought official access to the ballot and works to create an environment where both of the existing parties work for reform and limiting governmental intrusion into the lives of individual citizens. Day condemned this effort and stated it was an effort to dilute the impact of the current Tea Party - she argued this was evidence that forces opposing reform were taking the Tea Party seriously - so seriously that indeed they are trying to steal its trademark and hijack it.

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And as part of an update, Zarko has confirmed that Progressive Campaigns, Inc., was hired to collect signatures for the petitions.


Chetly Zarko said...

Followup here:

I've verified the nation's top left-leaning signature gathering group is behind the fake tea party petition.

James said...

Look for a lot of dirty tricks from the lefties in the fall elections.

mud_rake said...

"Fake" Tea Party? Isn't that redundant, Maggie?

Maggie Thurber said...

mud_rake - it's 'fake' if it purports to be representative of tea-party organizations and it isn't.

But I suspect you mean that the tea party groups are somehow 'fake' in their own sense.

That's what many on the left think and what the MSM tries to promote, but in talking with many of the groups in the Toledo/Northwest Ohio area, they are certainly NOT 'tools' of any organization.

Have you actually talked to some of the organizers to find out the truth from them directly? I think you'd enjoy such conversations....

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