Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Happy Labor Day to everyone! As you take a day off work to celebrate the fruits of your labor, here's something to remember:

"The Original Sin which brought us to the brink of bankruptcy and dictatorship was the Federal Income Tax Amendment and its illegitimate child, Federal Aid." ~ Tom Anderson

Also, I highly recommend "Positivity: Labor Day, Its History, and Its Meaning," from my friend and fellow blogger, Tom Blumer. It reminds us why we have the day off.

Tom has two other posts on politicizing Labor Day, which are must-reads as well:

* Politicizing Labor Day, Part 1: DOL Scrubs Samuel Gompers Quote from Its ‘History of Labor Day’ Page

In this post, Blumer explains that many unions used to believe in the power of bargaining - not the power of government regulation - to affect the change they wanted to see in the workplace. And Samuel Gompers, the subject of the post, was an opponent of governmental welfare programs:

"...Gompers believed that “social insurance cannot remove or prevent poverty.” Moreover, he maintained that welfare is “undemocratic” because it tends “to fix the citizens of the country into two classes, and a long established system would tend to make these classes rigid.”

He then contasts that history and perspective with how Labor Day is viewed today:

* Politicizing Labor Day, Part 2: DOL’s Solis Uses Holiday Address As Propaganda and Attack Vehicle

Enjoy your Labor Day.

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