Monday, October 10, 2011

Should the Federal Reserve be abolished?

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is asking that question - and more - and giving you a chance to express yourself. Additionally, they're awarding a $2,000 prize for the winning entry.

2011 Eugene S. Thorpe Writing Competition

FEE invites writers to address the following:

"Should the Federal Reserve be abolished? What monetary system should replace it?"

The deadline is midnight on Dec. 31st. There is a maximum length of 2,000 words and entries (only one per person) can be emailed to

They will also publish the winning essay in their magazine, The Freeman.

Of course, there are eligibility rules with the traditional exclusions:

The Eugene S. Thorpe Writing Competition is open to writers from around the world, including students, freelance writers, teachers and professors, and business professionals. There is no minimum or maximum age for entrants. FEE employees (and their immediate family members), trustees, and Freeman editors and columnists are not eligible.

Also, if you decide to submit an entry, I'd be happy to publish it here as a guest post.

So for all those who've been railing against the Fed and its unaccountability, here's your chance! Good Luck!

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