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Toledo City Council Meeting October 4, 2011

Notes from Sherry with her comments in italics:

*** Side Note: You'll note that there was considerable discussion about Item 438 – Contract with S & L and Northwest BioEnergy for biosolids recycling/disposal program at Water Reclamation. Just to clarify - Councilman D. Michael Collins accused S&L of, well, trying to bribe Tom Kovacik (who is with N-Viro - a competitor of S&L) by offering him a job. According to what I've heard, after the last council meeting a representative from S&L told Kovacik that he was so good at the council podium that perhaps he should come to work at S&L. When it was made clear to Collins that it was not a 'bribe' but a joking compliment, Collins refused to apologize. Sherry reference in her notes to "Mr. Crushack" is actually referring to Tom Kovacik, but Collins kept pronouncing it the way Sherry spelled it, so it was no wonder she spelling it that way.

Toledo City Council Meeting

October 4, 2011

In attendance: Councilmen Waniewski, Copeland, Steel, Collins, Sarantou, Ludeman, Craig, Martinez, McNamara, Councilwomen Brown, Hicks-Hudson, Mayor Bell was there, didn't speak.

Item 451 – Approve Municipal Job Creation Tax Credit for Chrysler Corp., 10 years, 40% tax credit – Martinez – supports Bill, policy concerns that go international – more business friendly – passed – all voting yes.

Item 432 – Grant 50% tax exemption for Chrysler Corp. $365M expansion and upgrade, retain 920, create 1105 – refer back to the Administration – Collins – (addresses Mayor and Martinez) if Chrysler reduces, we need to reduce. Cruthers – we cannot pull this back. Ludeman – please give percentage figures to Council. 65% of their workforce is from Toledo.

Item 441 – Appointment – Chief of Police – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 442 - Appointments – Blair Museum of Lithophanes – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 443 - Appointments – Marina District Architectural Review Committee – confirmed – Sarantou abstains - rest voting yes.

Item 444 - Appointments – Ottawa Park Advisory Board – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 445 - Appointment – Toledo-Lucas County Health Commission – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 446 - Appointments – Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority – Ludeman – waiting on one confirmation - 1st Reading.

Item 447 - Appointment – Vistula Historic District – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 448 - Appointments – Walbridge Park Advisory Board – confirmed – all voting yes.

Executive Session – all voting yes – 4:20 – 4:40.

Item 423 – Amend TMC Ch. 2117, AFSCME Local 7, to implement terms and conditions of Fact Finding Report – to the Committee of the Whole. (I came here 1 hour early, no Union people. While Council was in Executive Session, the representative for AFSCME Local 7 was behind me. His phone conversation was very interesting. SZ)>
Item 428 – Purchase Laskey Rd. to Bancroft St. portion of abandoned CSX rail line for multiuse recreational trail – passed – all voting yes. (Waniewski ? This is the bike trail. SZ)

Item 440 – Issue Water System Revenue Bonds, $40,000,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 449 – Sub grant to United North for demolition and clean up of 5 properties along LaGrange, $110,000 Grants – passed – all voting yes.

Item 450 – Amend TMC Ch. 767, Adult Entertainment, to settle lawsuit with Deja Vu – Toledo – passed – all voting yes.

Item 452 – Lease for snack bar in basement of Municipal Court Building, $12 per year, 1 year plus options – passed – all voting yes.

Item 453 – Amend Ordinance 215-11, accept 20th Year HOME grant, $2,697,406 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 454 – Appropriation for upgrade of SAP billing system for water/sewer bills, $700,000 Water/Sewer Funds – Collins – like to see Finance Committee get this. McNamara – Why didn't this come up at Agenda Review? Collins – SAP System – bring in a Consultant – already have spent 15 mil on this – push back to GF – this will save the rate payer ¾ of a mil. McNamara – go4es over what was previously said. Sarantou – What is the effect on billing? City Rep. - none. To Finance Committee.

Item 455 - Appropriation for 5 vans, 5 trucks, backhoe and mixer for Water Distribution, $713,000 Water Replacement – passed -= all voting yes.

Item 456 – Application to OPWC for for financial assistance for various City-wide infrastructure improvements – amend/passed – all voting yes.

Item 457 – Expenditure for skimming system at Water Reclamation, $85,000 Sewer Operating Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 458 - Expenditure to R&S Construction for sewer repair at 4410 Lewis Ave., $37,175 Sewer Operating Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 459 – Lease of shelter house and open-sided picnic shelter at Walbridge Park, $10 per year, 3 years + options – Steel – hearing on this next Tuesday at 1:00. Waniewski – get the word out about the parks. Passed – all voting yes.

Item 460 – Accept contributions from AOA, Board & City Parks Commission for interior painting of Friendship Center, $15,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 461 – Zone change at 5435 N. Detroit Ave. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 462 – SUP for scrap & salvage facility at 1300 Champlain St. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 463 – SUP for fuel station & convenience store at 2246 W. Alexis Rd. (Plan Commission Disapproved) – Craig – violates spacing requirements – they needed to re-apply. Waniewski – spoke to Webb on these properties – they border the Districts. Passed – all voting yes.

Item 438 – Contract with S & L and Northwest BioEnergy for biosolids recycling/disposal program at Water Reclamation – McNamara – enthusiastic about the environment – pathogen migration in the water – talked to OH EPA about the potential for leeching because of the type of soil. Also checked with the US EPA on this, not seeing that happening – went out there – no issue. We are loosing the bid holding this up – where is this coming from – bidders objective measurement – don't delay – costing the people $2,500 a week. Collins – disagree – not for N-viro or S & L – integrity of process – this is human waste - get with OH EPA – give soil samples – (doesn't like the water samples) – implementation of decision – Mr. Crushack was offered a job by S & L. (man from S & L ruled Out of Order) Steel – We will still be paying the extension – knows we have done testing – day window – best for constituents – hearing rates concerns, rather than dismiss. Craig – don't understand how can this be done in 90 days. Herwat – up to 90 days Craig - 500 acer facility - we talked about this 1 year ago – no evidence – no contamination – why are we testing? Mr. Welch – next 3-4 years, test 2X's a year – point source of E-Coli – birds live there. Test the site, S & L will sample – site specific of EPA. Martinez – agrees with Craig – there are two separate entities – flabbergasted this has become a circus. McNamara – biosolids – not human waste – soil sample won't prove one way or another – not serious about the job offer – vote to relieve. Sarantou – term clause option – 90 day notice. Collins – doesn't smell right – not apologizing. McNamara – vote to relieve from Committee. Steel – Mr. Welch, Mr. Welch, fine details. Vote to relieve from Committee -passed – all voting yes. Vote – yes – Craig, Hicks-Hudson, McNamara, Sarantou. No – Waniewski, Martinez, Ludeman, Brown, Steel, Collins, Copeland – motion failed. To Intergovernmental Committee.

Item 430 – Amend Enterprise Zone Policy with new section on job requirements – refer to Administration.

Item 431 – Amend Toledo Expansion Incentive Program (TEI) Guidelines – Martinez – hold for 2 weeks. Cruthers – no urgency to move.

Item 464 -= Additional extension (October – December) for dog control services with Lucas County – Ludeman – why wasn't this out there? Herwat – legal matters. Adam Loux – get that processed ASAP. Collins – police academy trained dog warden – save ourselves ¾ of a mil – Maumee does this. Herwat – get info on this. Passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

Hicks-Hudson – early voting started.

Ludeman – boxing championships at the Civic Center.

McNamara – Intergovernmental Committee – EPA – talk to Dave Welch.

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