Monday, September 16, 2013

Film explores why alternative medical treatments are shunned in health industry

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‘Doctored’ reveals deception, criminality and greed in healthcare

Northwest Ohio chiropractic physicians are sponsoring a one-time showing of the eye-opening documentary film, Doctored, at 7 p.m., Oct. 10 at Maumee Indoor Theatre, 601 Conant St., Maumee.

Doctored follows surgeons, physicians, and patients ranging from Olympic gold medalists to people sent home to die, focusing how the current healthcare system fails many patients. Doctored also follows a 15-year legal battle (known as the Wilk case) where the American Medical Association’s (AMA) attempts to abolish non-drug providing therapies (including chiropractic care) are exposed.

“Although the United States only makes up five percent of the world’s population, we consume over 50 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs, yet our health is worsening,” said Dr. Thomas M. Baur, chiropractic physician at New Life Spine Center, 1331 Conant St., Maumee. “For years, certain doctors have told their patients that medicine or surgery is the only way to go and they have belittled alternative therapies. We have decided to show this film to support the findings of this documentary and to open up a conversation in Northwest Ohio about true patient-focused healthcare.”

Director Bobby Sheehan and Producer Jeff Hays investigate the unseen “influencers” in the current healthcare system: those who stand to benefit financially from turning patients into compliant, pill-popping revenue generators. They bring forth shocking details of how the AMA worked for decades to denounce the chiropractic profession for their own professional gain. They go in the courtroom with five chiropractors who had been labeled “an unscientific cult” and document their fight and landmark win against “big medicine.”

“As chiropractors, we understand the importance and roles medicine and surgery play in patient care,” said Dr. Cindy Ratkowski, president of the Northwest Ohio Chiropractic Association and chiropractic physician at Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic Center, 3425 Executive Pkwy., Toledo. “But we also know that many patients are issued these solutions without exploring alternatives first. We promote whole-health care, prevention and a fully-realized continuum of care—and we feel patients are often herded in and out of doctor’s offices and issued medications and directives with no real desire on the physician’s part to really delve into the issues of what is causing the pain or illness, how to best treat it and even better, how to prevent it.”

“Ideally, patients should have a network of health professionals working for their betterment, whether it’s prevention or treatment,” said Dr. Jay P. Anderson, chiropractic physician at Anderson Family Chiropractic, 751 Michigan Ave., Waterville. “This film reveals the shortcomings in the current healthcare system and proves that not all medical professionals are working in the best interest of the patient. We want to educate patients about all their options and work to create a more cohesive healthcare system—because we know drugs alone are not working.”

Doctored will kick off with food, refreshments, and live music by the Linden Street Band at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5 and all profits benefit the Arthritis National Research Foundation ( Movie goers will be treated to organic popcorn, water and prize giveaways throughout the event.

Tickets to the showing, or $10 DVDs are available at local Northwest Ohio chiropractic physician offices. For more information about the movie or about chiropractic care, visit

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