Friday, August 04, 2006

Three Unrelated Thoughts...

1. My Aunt often sends me inspirational readings and other's was a bit different. It's a quote from England's Prime Minister Tony Blair. When asked by one of his Parliament members why he believes so much in America, he said: "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in... and how many want out."

2. The SOB Alliance has quite a buzz going on about Ted Strickland. It appears that the tax forms he recently released show a residence in Columbus - nothing wrong with that. However, if his residence is in Columbus, then his voter registration needs to be Columbus as well. If he voted in a place other than the location of his permanent residence, this would be against Ohio law. So the burning question is: did he vote in Columbiana County in the May primary?

This is very easy to determine - simply check the voter registration at the Columbiana BOE. Personally, I'd have checked that BEFORE making such a big deal out of the issue.

3. The Toledo Artists Club is having a rather unique fundraiser this November. They've invited local "celebrities" to paint a picture, they'll hold a preview in a local gallery and then auction them off in November. I was honored to be one of the "celebrities" even though I have no artistic ability whatsoever. But their idea is to focus on the 'artist in all of us' and they paired us with a REAL artist to do the print.

I painted yesterday, with significant help from Diane Trabbic who is truly gifted. We painted with acrylic and water in a really unique way. I don't want to give away all the goodies on this, and I'll cover it more as we get closer to the unveiling and the auction. But, I had a terrific time and was truly awed that I produced what I did. Now I have to name it...stay tuned!


Do said...


This is from the Blade article on 8.3.06 regarding Strickland's voting and tax forms, etc.

Their tax forms list a Columbus address, outside Mr. Strickland's congressional district, from 2003 forward. A spokesman said Mr. Strickland owns a house in Columbus and rents a residence in Lisbon, where he is registered to vote.

To my knowledge it's not illegal for him to vote in the Lisbon area since that's the residence he lives in. Lots of people have homes that they rent out in other cities for a bunch of reasons. I realize that there are residency requirements, but not necessarily home ownership requirements.

Unless I'm missing something he (Strickland) hasn't done anything wrong in this case.

Do said...

PS - keep us posted as to the auction. Might take a spin down there and check out the offerings. :)

Maggie Thurber said...

See - my point exactly...easy to verify and it should have been done before everyone started getting so excited about his address...

Now if that Lisbon address turns out to be a campaign headquarters and not a place to sleep - that's another story altogether. But still - easily verified and something that should be done before speculating.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Their tax forms list a Columbus address, outside Mr. Strickland's congressional district, from 2003 forward." --do

Doesn't one have to be a resident of the congressional district that they are elected to serve?

Or, did I miss something here?

Maggie Thurber said...

Hooda - no...just a resident in the state. Many people have a problem with this, and Strickland isn't the only one who does it, nor is it limited to just Democrats.

Maggie Thurber said...

UPDATE: clarify...the Akron Beacon Journal included the same information about Strickland. (

Their article:

The returns also reveal that the couple considers their Columbus condominium as their home address. Strickland’s Congressional district stretches from Mahoning County in Northeast Ohio to Lawrence County on the state’s southern tip.

Dailey said Strickland rents a home in Lisbon, which is within his district, but lives most of the time in Columbus.

("Dailey" is campaign spokesman Keith Dailey.)

``We've never hidden the fact that they own a condo in Columbus and rent the house in Lisbon. He spends most of his time in the state living out of Columbus,'' Dailey said.

Bit of difference between the two versions, primarily the "lives most of the time in Columbus." And he is registered to vote in Columbiana County.

The sticky part: you must be registered in the location of your primary residence. If he lives most of the time in Columbus, then that is his primary residence - and that's where he should be registered to vote.

This will get ugly. I hope Strickland and/or his campaign will clarify this better to remove all doubt.

Lincoln Logs said...

Hi Maggie - I appreciate your principled response to this Ted Strickland voting issues. It is much better to remain skeptical until positive than to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

The facts are now clear, and I am simply waiting to have hard copies of some paperwork before moving foward. Ted Strickland does not live in Lisbon. He lives in Columbus, and I believe he has acknowledged such under penalty of perjury.

I agree with you, about Congressman Strickland answering the questions. I am happy to continue my general commentary about the 2006 elections, however when I offered numerous opportunities for Congressman Strickland to reply and he refused them all (despite more than a dozen visits to my site from his campaign) I had to 'stay on the story' so to speak.

And I will continue until the questions are answered.

Do said...

Thanks for the info, Maggie. I hope this all gets straightened out and the final verification made.

I'm just curious as to what "most of the time" is. Is that just weekends? Is that 3-5 days a week? Is it 2 weeks a month? The phrase "most of the time" could be easily misinterpreted without definition.

I'm going to hold my final thoughts until all the info is in.


Maggie Thurber said...

Lincoln Logs - by all means, keep asking the questions! and continue to let us know the answers when you get them!

historymike said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished Thurber masterpiece!

Aaron said...

I can say from living over here now that there are plenty o people trying to get into UK also. (They can't wait to get that 17% sales tax and $6.50 per gallon fuel!)

If US is the melting pot, UK is like the melting fondue pot... heh heh

Something else I've noticed, people think the media is overly negative in the US, it seems about 10 times worse here! I can't believe the questions many of the journalists ask.

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