Monday, May 05, 2008

UPDATED: Tobacco settlement was for health-related expenses

Well, I thought so!

Earlier I posted about the state's idea to take tobacco settlement money as part of the funding for a supposed 'economic stimulus' plan. And I questioned why we'd be taking money out of a fund that was supposed to pay for future medical-related expenses.

Today's Blade has an article about the tobacco companies making their yearly payment for the funds and it reiterates that these funds are for health-related expenses.

So if the state wins their lawsuit and raids these funds for a nebulous economic stimulus, where will they get the money to pay for all these health-related expenses that they sued over?

Inquiring minds....

Apparently, Tennessee has the same problem with their tobacco funds, as Blue Collar Muse reports. What a surprise that government spends everything it gets for its own purposes, even when money is supposed to be earmarked?


Robin said...

Well... if the judge can read and understand contracts/law, I don't think the State can touch that money for anything else than health-related expenses. But then... what do I know... that would make too much sense. LOL!

Tim Higgins said...

Ah Maggie,

Obviously you are not using the foresight that our political leaders in Columbus are. Based on the current crop of presidential candidates, it seems a foregone conclusion that National Health Care is right around the corner. Since this will then be the responsibility of the federal government, there would be no need of state funds.

Using this money for other purposes then becomes obvious, as who better than government should decide what's best for us.

Darkseid said...

It never was about 'the public health'. It was a way for greedy politicians and lawyers to steal money away from a despised group-smokers (thanks to years of media brainwashing and hysteria). Don't think for a minute the tobacco companies paid a red cent-they just passed the costs along to the consumer.

navyvet said...

Am I having a "brain escape?"

Where did the $zillions come from to build the new skools? I thot that was from "diverted funds"?


Maggie Thurber said...

NavyVet - good question!!! Now that you mention it, I believe that was another project the state funded with those dollars...

guess the health issues are already paid for - for years to come...(sarcasm off)

Say No said...

"UPDATED: Tobacco settlement was for health-related expenses" was linked to Not One Red Cent

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