Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ohio school levies suffer worst primary election beating in 25 years

From the County Commissioners Association of Ohio:

As reported by the Ohio Department of Education, just 46.1% of the school tax issues on the March 4 primary ballot passed. That passage rate is the lowest for a primary election in the last 25 years, according to the Education Tax Policy Institute. The approval rate in the last two primaries was 54.3% in 2007 and 58.8% in 2006.

But will school boards learn anything from this other than that they must 'scare' people more in order to gain passage???


Tim Higgins said...


Why would any school board choose to learn anything when they can continue to go back election after election until they get the money that they are after. Perhaps if these losses meant that they couldn't go back for oh, say 18 months, they would either do their homework and selling better or learn how to live on a dwindling budget.

... we are

Ben said...

That is actually much higher than I thought it would be.

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