Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Was 2006 promise to stop the war just a campaign ploy?

Did the Democrats lie when they promised to 'stop the war' as part of their 2006 campaign? At least one Dem says that's what happened.

Blogger Warner Todd Huston has the full story of Rep. Paul Kanjorski (Dem., PA) "telling an audience at a town meeting that the Democrat Party was basically lying when they said they’d stop the war if they were elected as the majority during the 2006 midterms."


navyvet said...

Next they will say there is no gambling at Rick's......s/off

Ben said...

Thats nice.

Hopefully we can make something out of this story.

Robin said...

Isn't anything that a politician says during election time just a ploy?

Brian said...


In what I am about to write may sound very jaded but, too many people in Washington are making huge sums of money off of this war for it to end. Whether it’s Pelosi, Feinstein, or Murtha, the list is long on both sides of the aisle and the money is being made hand over fist. I spent three years working in DC as a contractor and was disgusted by what I saw.

Let’s look at the situation post Iraq for our neo-con and democrat friends:

After the invasion of Iraq:

1. We have not found any weapons of mass destruction
2. Now we know there never was any WMD
3. Oil is much higher than it was before the war
4. Excluding the 9/11 attack, terrorism remains at the same level it has since 1969
5. We have more than 4000 of our armed forces dead
6. We will have a massive health care issue for returning veterans which Congress, both aisles, refuses to face
7. The military defense complex is one of the strongest stocks to buy in this dismal market and is growing exponential everyday
8. Our borders have not been secured
9. Our illegal immigration problem, besides the one with central America, you know the one where other nationalities are here illegally, is still out of control
10. Homeland Security is growing but has not fixed one security problem pre-9/11
11. After a 20 year effort to fix the recruiting problems as of the Vietnam era, the Armed Forces are back to recruiting high school drop outs and felons, not too mention foreign nationals
12. Israel lost a war with the Iranian sponsored Hezbollah
13. For the first time in modern US history we have private armies fighting in a war outside the purview of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
14. Upon invading Iraq Congress along with the President killed the 4th Amendment once and for all and is on target to do the same with the 1st Amendment

Wow, I know I could go on, but the neo-cons might think I’m being too un-American. But one has to ask why are we still fighting and why haven’t the democrats stopped the war. With all of the numbered items above, it must be that they are making money hand over fist from the war!

Maggie Thurber said...

Robin - you're sounding as cyncial as me! lol!

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