Monday, July 06, 2009

'The bacchanal wil continue...'

At, Kevin Hassett writes:

"It takes years and years to make a mess as terrible as the California debacle, but the recipe is simple. All that you need is two political parties that are always willing to offer easy government solutions for every need of the voters, but never willing to make the tough decisions necessary to finance the government largess that results. Voters will occasionally change their allegiance from one party to the other, but the bacchanal will continue regardless of the names on the office doors."

I hope you'll read the entire article linked above

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Tim Higgins said...

George Will had an interesting take on the California situation as well ( and what impact it might have on the nation. It certainly appears that how we deal with California will be a bell weather on how we deal with the economy going forward.

Dangerous times ahead indeed.

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