Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is this retaliation for filing a lawsuit?

I received this press release at 9:13 a.m.:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mayor Finkbeiner holds Press Conference to address unkempt properties

Today, at 2:00 p.m., Mayor Finkbeiner and city officials will hold a press conference to address unkempt properties and the City of Toledo's responsibility for enforcing housing, nuisance, and zoning codes. The press conference will be held at CMT Limited & State Line Group LLC - 210 W. Alexis.

The Media is respectfully asked to attend.


What struck me was the address, only because it stuck in my mind when I heard it as part of a lawsuit filed against the city and I wondered where, exactly, 210 W. Alexis was...

According to NBC24,

Christian Ewert, owner of CMT Limited and State Line Group, claims Susan Frederick seized vehicles from his company's Alexis Rd. lot without legal reasons.

In a lawsuit filed by Ewert's attorney, the West Toledo business owner says that in September of 2008, Frederick, who is currently director of the city's Streets, Bridges and Harbor, trespassed oh his property and entered his business with "absence of consent, or other lawful justification." The suit alleges Frederick entered a "fenced-in storage area and had numerous cars, boats, trailers, pickup trucks, and mobile homes towed away."

Frederick is alleged to have used bolt cutters to gain access to a gated area of the lot. A number of other vehicles were improperly towed from the lot, according to the lawsuit

You can view a copy of the lawsuit filed in Lucas County Tuesday here.

Frederick Lawsuit 063009

This part of Alexis road is more industrial than anything else and I suppose the press conference will take place on the sidewalk because I cannot imagine the owner letting the mayor onto his property when there is a lawsuit pending.

Additionally, I cannot believe that the city law department would condone such a press conference, which can clearly be considered retaliation for filing the lawsuit or even harassment for daring to challenge the city. Of course, the Finkbeiner administration has developed a reputation for doing just that, so perhaps this is no surprise.

If I can, I'll video the press conference and post it here.

UPDATE:At 1:30, Megan Robson sent out a press release saying the conference was changed to 2:30. I will not be able to attend it now, but will follow the media reports...


Roman said...

I wonder where on the list of reasons to relocate/not to locate in Toledo would this rate? Poorly thought out actions by this Mayor are past the point of stupidity!

This mayor either has no one who will tell him he is wrong, or will not listen. I think it is a large measure of both,

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

And, the law of unintended consequences will probably bite him on the ass..., yet again.

Some people are incapable of learning. . .

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