Friday, July 24, 2009

Problems with LCRP campaign finance reports

On 7-31-08, the Lucas Count Republican Party (LCRP) semi-annual campaign finance report showed they had $181.29 on hand and had received no donations.

Their pre-general report shows they had a single donation of $2,000. This is a hand-written report dated 10-23-08 at 4:30 p.m. - the filing deadline.

They filed an amended pre-general report which shows corrected amounts of $2,310 in donations and $13,693.76 for in-kind donations.

Their 2008 post-general report shows $7,345 in donations and $5,711.20 for in-kinds.

Since Jon Stainbrook took over as chairman, the party has received $9,655 in cash donations and $19,404.96 in in-kind contributions (which are primarily the cost of the building in which they were located). This is a total $29,059.96 - a far cry from the $50,000 Stainbrook says he's raised since becoming chairman.

Now, one would hope he has raised money since January, but the amount that he's raised through June won't be known for sure until the semi-annual reports are filed at the end of this month.

But there are other problems with the campaign finance reports.

Chris Myers has addressed the issue of signatures on the reports. I've looked at the party's designation of treasurer form and the signature on the forms from 7-31-08 and 12-11-08 are the only ones very similar to the original designation.

Additionally, there are no addresses for any of the donation records. Including the address of the donor is a mandatory requirement, which normally means that the Board of Elections sends out a letter telling the committee to get the addresses. (I listed the street address of my bank once as 'Point Place Branch' and received a letter saying I needed an actual street address.)

***UPDATE: It may be that political parties are not required to provide addresses for all donations. I'll be researching this over the weekend and will provide clarification/correction, if needed, when I'm finished with the research.

When will the LCRP perform this routine record-keeping task? Maybe if they spent as much time completing their own forms as they do looking for errors from everyone else?

***Sidenote: As you can see from the links, campaign finance reports filed at the Lucas County Board of Elections are available on line.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Just goes to show that perhaps the "old Guard" got a bit complacent and sloppy, leading to beind ousted by the STAIN.

Of course the STAIN and his bunch have problems of their own, but that's a whole different matter, but it explains why the so-called Lucas County Republican Party is in such disarray.

And, dare I say that now the local Republican also now has their own A & B factions, just like the Local Dems?

Only the Dems seem to be more organized...

Maggie Thurber said...

Dave - these reports are from Stainbrook and the 'new guard' ... not from the prior chairmen...

But your points are well taken otherwise...

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Thanks for straightening that out for me.

As Brian said this afternoon, it appears that Sue (Jon) has been doing some very creative writing which ma eventually result in some breaking news ;-)

I can hardly wait :-)

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