Thursday, September 17, 2009

BREAKING: Frederick gets one-month suspension for 'conduct unbecoming'

This just in via email:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Acting Commissioner of S,B & H suspended without pay

Acting Commissioner of Streets, Bridges & Harbor Sue Frederick, met with the Acting Law Director, Assistant Chief of Staff and Director of Public Service on September 16. She agreed that her behavior constituted conduct unbecoming an employee of the City of Toledo. Therefore, effective immediately, she has been suspended without pay for one month.

This discipline takes into account the years of dedicated public service that Ms. Frederick has given the City while at the same time recognizes the seriousness of the allegations against her.


What I'd like to know is this: was this just for the theft of the campaign sign? Or does this penalty include her 'offer' to hire the owner of the sign???

Here's another thing for the Mayor to consider during her one-month suspension: how long does a person without the legal requirements for a position get to be 'acting'???


Tim Higgins said...


I would take your judgment one step further, in that the term "acting" could also taken as "conditional". An offense of this nature would therefore along with her lack of qualification, disqualify her from holding such position. She would then need to be returned to her prior position or if that position is no longer available, terminated.

At least, let's see her terminated until January 4th, when Toledo's new Mayor can make her disposition one of his first acts.

Matt Hurley said...

That's an awful lot of people "Acting" up there in Toledo...did a Hollywood studio open up a branch up there or something?

Maggie Thurber said...

LOL, Matt...

No, this is just Toledo....

Roman said...

From what I understand, Ms Frederick does not have, or is not getting the required degree for the position she was acting at.

Being caught stealing political yard signs could be construed as obstructing a citizens right of free speech. Why is not this being investigated as a "hate crime"?

If she was not a foot soldier of "Hizonner" she would be out of civil service work permanently.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Conduct unbecoming is usually a firing offense..., unless you're tight with the mayor.

And, as for acting (or as we used to call them, pretend) officials, some who do not fit the requirements have pretended for years.

For example, there was a certain acting/pretend Transportation Commissioner who lived outside the City who held the acting/pretend position for years, because she won the property in a divorce settlement and wanted to keep her young children in a certain school system. czarty said alright, but you'll neer have the job permanently, but in essence she did.

Kinda his version of Toledo justice...

Mad Jack said...

Wouldn't her behavior qualify her as the defendant in charges of petty theft and criminal trespass?

As for a one month suspension, I think it's ridiculous to suspend someone for one month without pay. I've been in situations where I would have cheerfully paid several hundred to be suspended for a month without pay.

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