Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Commissioners delay vote on project labor agreements

Yesterday, I wrote about the proposed resolution to require project labor agreements (PLA) for all Lucas County work.

Today, the commissioners decided to defer the resolution until Dec. 1.

That means there's still time for you to weigh in on the negative impacts of this proposal.

Pete Gerken: pgerken@co.lucas.oh.us
Tina Skeldon Wozniak: twozniak@co.lucas.oh.us
Ben Konop: bkonop@co.lucas.oh.us
Phone number: 419-213-4500

This issue has also made it to TheUnionLabelBlog with an entry by my friend, Warner Todd Huston: Ohio’s Ben Konop Wants Kids to Starve so he can Give Gov’t Payoffs to Unions. WTH takes a different take on the idea, but comes to a terrific conclusion:

"This fool is just shifting the government money from the welfare office to the funds that pay for building projects. What’s the difference? Only the tiny mind of a Democrat can see the difference."

This is a business killing proposal that will do nothing but increase the cost of projects Lucas County government pays for. We all need to tell the commissioners to vote NO on December 1st.

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