Saturday, November 07, 2009

Quote of the Day

While we work today on the set-up of the live auction of fine wines for the Mobile Meals Wine Gala, and then attend the event to help raise money for a terrific organization and cause, here is a quote we all should remember:

"To suppress minority thinking and minority expression would tend to freeze society and prevent progress… Now more than ever, we must keep in the forefront of our minds the fact that whenever we take away the liberties of those we hate, we are opening the way to loss of liberty for those we love." ~ Wendell L. Willkie


gordon gekko said...

To think that you, Maggie Thurber, a conservative, would be a proponent of free speech is laughable.

Everyone knows that we're the true free speech types.

Now kindly provide with a list of your sponsors so we can organize a boycott.


Maggie said...

Egad, Gordon! Not only am I a proponent of free speech, but I'm also helping the less fortunate - with my OWN time and money....

Truly, there is something wrong with this 'evil Republican.'


Timothy W Higgins said...


Next you will be trying to convince us that Conservatives have a heart and a conscience.



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