Monday, December 07, 2009

Connecting the acorns - er - dots

Jesse Hathaway has been doing some great work on his blog Athens Runaway lately and his latest post, "Acorns? In MY State Elections?" is no exception.

He rounds up some of the state goals of ACORN, the 'community organizing' group known for their voting fraud issues, which show the supposedly non-partisan group is, indeed, partisan.

And it takes a look at some public record requests pending in the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office, especially considering that an ACORN 'Project Vote' person served as a consultant to her last campaign.

I hope you'll read the entire post.


abir said...

Don't forget about the so-called "allies" of ACORN during the 2008 election cycle. I find it very intriguing that Progress Ohio and America Votes listed ACORN as one of their "allies."

abir said...

and this (HT -Brain Shavings comments):

"This link to Progress Ohio's blog story created by Lorraine Bieber is a photo of ACORN organizer Barbara Clark during an ACORN partnership project promoted by Dave Harding and Brian Rothenberg's Progress Ohio, a so called non-partisan non-profit organization."

abir said...

We wouldn't be complete without this reference to the ACORN alliance with Progress Ohio:

"a coalition of progressive groups gathered in Columbus, Ohio to make the people's voices heard on the subject of affordable Healthcare. This group included SEIU, ACORN, Progress Ohio, (and others)"

abir said...

Here's a real gem:

This ACORN press conference was held at Progress Ohio's downtown Columbus offices. Notice Progress Ohio sign hanging on the wall and Brian Rothenberg leaning to the left in the back by the windows.

Guess the name and position of the young lady Mr Rothenberg is chatting with by the windows.

Do you give up?

She is none other than Katy Gall, the Ohio ACORN Director at the time.

Here is a 2008 video of Ms. Gall receiving an award from "Twenty First Century Democrats" (The Paul and Sheila Wellstone Award)

abir said...

and now from Sen. Sherrod Brown's website, further confirmation of the ACORN alliance with Brian Rothenberg's Progress Ohio:

"Brown was joined by State Senator Sue Morano (D-13); Robyn Hales, president of Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH); Marjorie Mosely, co-chair of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN); Becky Williams, president of SEIU local 1199; and Brian Rothenberg, executive director of Progress Ohio and a coordinator of Ohio HCAN."

abir said...

I'd like to add information related to America Votes' ties to ACORN and other liberal groups listed above (from Conservapedia).

The first two members of America Votes coalition partners are 21st Century Democrats and ACORN. Later on down the page at #41 is (which funds Progress Ohio).

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