Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting the wrong message

I was listening to the newscast this morning on WSPD and heard a sound clip of Toledo City Council President Joe McNamara talking about his recent election and his current 'exploratory' committee for the Ohio Senate seat being vacated by Theresa Fedor due to term limits.

In the sound bite, he touts his first-place finish in November for the at-large council seats. He was saying that people liked the work he was doing on so council so much that they put him in the number one position.

That is a logical assumption, but he then takes it to an illogical conclusion by saying that he should (perhaps), as a result, run for a different office.

Yes, that's right. His (il)logic is that people are so pleased with what he's done on council that he should leave that position - the one he's just been re-elected (but not yet sworn in) to.

I think he got the wrong message. Or maybe, he got the right message, but has decided to spin it to meet his own agenda.

The problem is, if he decides to run for Ohio Senate (and I believe he will - I don't think he can resist), he'll get a lot of support - and he may actually win. And that will just reinforce the illogical conclusions, causing more politicians to get the wrong message.


skeeter1107 said...

There really is no connection between the City Council election and his desire to be a State Senator.

Mr. McNamara wants to be a State Senator and must have been scrounging around for reasons to give to the electorate other than he just doesn't want to do the Council job any longer. If he wants to run for a higher office, that's okay...just say so.

I think in this instance he tossed the idea up and whiffed badly on a mighty swing.

Timothy W Higgins said...

It is much easier to consider another job when one is guaranteed one already.

That being said, you have to wonder if Mr. McNamara will in the end run, or if he is gathering some bargaining chips for the big game to come.

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