Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter!

Today is the first day of Winter.

(Aren't you glad you know that???)

This day has both good and bad about it. I like it because it's the shortest daylight of the year, which means that, from now on, the sun will rise earlier and set later, giving us more daylight every day. That's a really good thing.

However, it is the first day of Winter, which means we've got roughly 90 days of snowy, cold, icy, icky weather to go. That's a bad thing.

Winter does have some advantages, like ice boating (check out videos on YouTube if you've never seen this) and ice skating, but while they help distract us from the weather, winter just seems too long to me and I'm ready for it to be over by about mid-February.

So whether you love it, hate it, or think it just a necessary part of the seasons, Happy First Day of Winter!


Roman said...

As I grow older, I seem to tolerate the hot weather much better than the cold. It is biology, every time the temperature goes below my age, my body protests...I am in trouble til about June.

Happy Winter!

Maggie Thurber said...

'...every time the temperature goes below my age, my body protests..."

I love it!!! And it's so true! LOL

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