Sunday, October 03, 2010

All the evidence you need

I was browsing around the Internet and came across the following resolution, which sounds very much like the policies being advocated by President Barack Obama, the Democrats in Congress and even some of our local officials:

Whereas, Rapid jobs growth is central to resolving the economic crisis for working people. There can be no real economic recovery without full employment. Renewed profits on Wall Street and a rising stock market do not make a recovery;

Whereas, The jobs crisis is especially damaging to youth, women, African American, Latino, and other racially and nationally oppressed communities, who in addition to higher rates of unemployment also suffer higher rates of home foreclosures, bankruptcies, lack of medical care, homelessness and hunger; and

Whereas, Private industry is not capable of, nor has any interest in, putting people back to work at a sufficient pace to resolve the economic crisis. Economic recovery requires robust government action; therefore be it

Resolved, That we support and will join others in fighting for;

* Emergency jobs legislation that includes massive direct government investment in public works. This would include rebuilding our crumbling public infrastructures in housing, transportation, medical care, education, communications and recreation;

* Direct emergency aid to state and local governments to maintain and expand public services in all areas of people's needs;

* Unemployment compensation reform that provides unemployment for the duration of unemployment and for first time job seekers;

* Jobs legislation that will protect and promote trade union rights, protections and standards in all public works including card check union recognition on all public projects;

* Federal industrial policy that promotes and massively invests in new green energy and green production infrastructures needed to meet the needs of our people in sustainable ways;

* Public spending and investment that prioritizes help for the communities hardest hit by the economic crisis;

* Government intervention that is paid for by shifting money from wasteful and destructive military spending in Iraq and Afghanistan to rebuilding the domestic economy, and by tax policy that closes corporate loopholes, significantly raise tax rates on corporate profits and the very rich, and taxes on stock transactions and risky speculation on Wall Street.

Even in the Marcy Kaptur-Rich Iott debate the other evening, our representative said something along the lines of 'the private sector isn't creating jobs at the rate it needs to, so government had to step in.' This is very similar to the third 'whereas.'

You might be surprised to learn where this resolution came from and what group actually passed it.

But when you learn, I hope you'll realize just how far this country has strayed from the principles our Founders fought so hard to establish: liberty, individual responsibility, the ability to succeed - and fail, and freedom.

So where did I find this? On the Communist Party USA website.

Resolution adopted by the 29th National Convention of the Communist Party USA, New York, NY May 21-23, 2010.

As if that's not enough, just watch this YouTube video of 'Proud Socialists at Left-Wing Protest in DC.'

Remember in November!


navyvet said...

Shocked....shocked I tell you....

Richard said...

Maggie, does this really surprise you?

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