Thursday, May 05, 2011

Buckeye Institute: analysis of S.B. 5 and statement on OEA indoctrination

Press Release:


May 5, 2011-Columbus, Ohio - The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions today released its analysis of Senate Bill 5. This analysis looks at the details of the bill from the Ohio taxpayer's perspective and shows the savings to taxpayers by looking at three separate government entities: the State of Ohio, City of Eastlake, and Dublin City Schools. The analysis also moves to discredit several claims reported by the unions on the effects Senate Bill 5 will have on our government employees.

"The passage of Senate Bill 5 is a monumental step on behalf of our right as taxpayers to efficient government. From the moment Ohio's collective bargaining law was passed in 1983, the interest of taxpayers took an increasing backseat to the interest of labor unions," stated Matt Mayer, President of the Buckeye Institute. "SB5 ends that faulty and costly premise."

The full analysis can be found at:

The Buckeye Institute also released a short comment on the Ohio Education Association's push to indoctrinate Ohio's schools children with union propaganda. To see the report and example from the OEA monthly newsletter click here.


From the comment by Matt A. Mayer, President of the Buckeye Institute, referenced above:

"I will be the first to defend the right of Ohio's government workers to protest and to advocate for their position in the public arena. Such a right is among the foundational rights of our great Republic. The Ohio Education Association (OEA), however, believes teachers should carry their protest and advocacy into the classrooms all over Ohio. The OEA also believes teacher should not only be members of a labor union, but also should indoctrinate our children in unionism.

As the OEA dictates to teachers in their monthly newsletter, "it's essential that they not only be teacher unionists but teachers of unionism. We need to create a generation of students who support teachers and the movements of teachers for their rights." How about they focus on just teaching our kids the core skills they will need in math, reading, writing, and science? How about they leave their political ideology and unionism out of the classroom? As the National Assessment of Educational Progress results show, more than half of America's 8th graders fail basic civics tests. Clearly, our teachers have enough to do already."

I HIGHLY recommend you click on the link and read the entire document!

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